Map Services

Map Services provides reference services for map and geography related questions, and its collections and services are open to UT staff and students, as well as the general public. Map Services houses a collection of atlases, books (cartographic and geospatial related), and over 300,000 sheet maps. Map Services also provides patrons with resources needed to facilitate GIS use for teaching and research. Map Services is responsible for developing geospatial data collections (both commercial and public domain) needed by our primary clientele. Please contact Map Services Staff for further questions regarding services and policies.


Map & Geospatial Data Librarian:
Greg March
(865) 974-3878

Map Services Departmental Supervisor:
Eric Arnold
(865) 974-4315

Location and Hours

Map Services is located on the ground floor of Hodges Library across from One Stop. Map Services is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 6:00pm