Thursday 08 December 2011

Time: 258 Mary E. Greer Room(40) 309 Tech. Ser. Conf. Room(30) 605 Admin. Conf. Room(50) 650 Lib. Tech. Conf. Room(14)Time:
07:30am         07:30am
07:45am         07:45am
08:00am         08:00am
08:15am         08:15am
08:30am         08:30am
08:45am         08:45am
09:00am     Terrell & Architects :Terrel meeting with Bacardi Architects-10 people.   09:00am
09:15am      "    09:15am
09:30am      "    09:30am
09:45am      "    09:45am
10:00am      "    10:00am
10:15am      "    10:15am
10:30am      "    10:30am
10:45am      "    10:45am
11:00am      "    11:00am
11:15am         11:15am
11:30am         11:30am
11:45am         11:45am
12:00pm         12:00pm
12:15pm         12:15pm
12:30pm         12:30pm
12:45pm         12:45pm
01:00pm   RSDD Unit Heads (Atkins) :     01:00pm
01:15pm    "      01:15pm
01:30pm    "      01:30pm
01:45pm    "      01:45pm
02:00pm     Scholars Commons Study Team :   02:00pm
02:15pm      "    02:15pm
02:30pm      "  Meeting :Gayle Baker, Dan Greene, and Mark Baggett 02:30pm
02:45pm      "   "  02:45pm
03:00pm      "   "  03:00pm
03:15pm      "   "  03:15pm
03:30pm      "    03:30pm
03:45pm      "    03:45pm
04:00pm         04:00pm
04:15pm         04:15pm
04:30pm         04:30pm
04:45pm         04:45pm
05:00pm         05:00pm
05:15pm         05:15pm
05:30pm         05:30pm
05:45pm         05:45pm
06:00pm         06:00pm
06:15pm         06:15pm
06:30pm         06:30pm
06:45pm         06:45pm
07:00pm         07:00pm
07:15pm         07:15pm
07:30pm         07:30pm
07:45pm         07:45pm
08:00pm         08:00pm
08:15pm         08:15pm
08:30pm         08:30pm
08:45pm         08:45pm
09:00pm         09:00pm
09:15pm         09:15pm
09:30pm         09:30pm
09:45pm         09:45pm
10:00pm         10:00pm
10:15pm         10:15pm
10:30pm         10:30pm
10:45pm         10:45pm
11:00pm         11:00pm
hands on check out laptop podium instruction closed
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