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Available Carrels

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You are not yet in our Library System. Please go to Hodges Library Circulation Department with your UT ID so we can add you to our system.

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Our records show your status as: ".$pat_status.". Only Graduate Students and Undergraduates with Honors may request carrels. If we have your status incorrectly listed in our system, please go to the 2nd Floor Circulation Desk with your UT ID so we can update our information. Thank you.

"; } } if(!$update_result){ if($skip_error == "yes"){}else{ echo"

There has been an error. Please call the Hodges Library Circulation Department at 865-974-4351.

"; } }else{ echo"

You have been assigned to: Carrel ".$num_req."

"; } }else{ echo"

Our records indicate that you are already assigned to Carrel ".$num."

"; echo"

Because you are already assigned to a carrel, we cannot assign you to your requested Carrel ".$num_req.".

"; echo"

If you wish to change carrel assignments please go to the manage carrel tools and remove your current assigned carrel and then re-request the new carrel.

"; } }else{ if(!$num){ echo"

Our records show you are not currently assigned to a carrel.

"; echo"

If you are a Graduate Student, or an Undergraduate with Honors Student and would like to request a carrel, please go back to \"About Graduate Carrels\".

"; }else{ echo"

Our records show you are currently assigned to: Carrel: ".$num.".

"; ?>

Pull Books: I have books I would like removed from my carrel. I have already turned the carrel slips to show "return to circulation" on top.

Request 'Carrel Assigned' Sign: Request a "Carrel Assigned" Sign be placed on your carrel. These signs are placed on carrels upon initial assignment but somtimes get pulled off. Please do not request a sign immediatly after your carrel has been assigned to you, please wait at least a week. Thanks.

Blown Desk Light: Report that the light in your study carrel needs to be replaced.

Spill / Mess: we ask that food and drinks not be used at the carrels, however if there is an old spill or mess on or around your carrel you may notify us of it.

Remove Carrel Assignment: You no longer want your study carrel and want us to remove you from it so another patron can use it.

Check the full site for more carrel information.