Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

John C. Hodges Library supports the needs of the university community by providing patrons with resources needed to expedite GIS use for teaching and research. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services is responsible for developing geospatial collections (both commercial and public domain) needed by our primary clientele.
The following assistance is available to students, faculty, and staff who are involved with a GIS-related project, research, or assignment. Please email Greg March or Eric Arnold for an appointment.
Please email Greg March,, Map & Geospatial Data Librarian, for the following assistance:

  • Evaluating GIS as a suitable tool for solving a research need
  • Finding print and electronic geospatial collections (books, articles)
  • Geospatial database use
  • Locating spatial data

Please email Eric Arnold,, GIS Specialist, for the following assistance:

  • Evaluating GIS as a suitable tool for solving a research need
  • GIS projects
  • Locating spatial data
  • Formatting and projecting spatial data
  • Geocoding
  • GPS questions

Greg’s Phone: (865) 974-3878
Research Guides – Anthropology, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Geography, Maps, GIS
Tennessee Committee on Geographic Names

Eric’s Phone: (865) 974-8570
Research Guides – GIS

 Please visit the UT Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services Hub for more information.

GIS Equipment, Software, and Data

  • The library has GIS Workstations (with dual screen monitors) running various GIS applications, available to UT Affiliates only. UT affiliates should honor software licensing agreements.
  • Data created and stored on these GIS workstations is not backed up, can be seen by other UT Affiliates, and is subject to deletion. We advise backing up work to an external device such as a flash drive or hard drive.
  • The library provides vendor purchased geospatial data available to UT Affiliates only. UT Affiliates should honor data licensing agreements
  • Public domain geospatial data is available to UT Affiliates and the general public.