UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes January 16, 2014

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Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: January 16, 2014 at 1:00pm, Room 150

1. Announcements

  • Council for Diversity and Intercluturalism (CDI) Thura attended and reported on:
  • Vice Chancellor Hall has a Disability Task Force in place to look at all of the buildings and services around campus to come up with improvements.  This task force has until May 5th to come up with recommendations.
  • CDI is discussing a Diversity Award for the Chancellor’s Award Banquet event
  • Thura attended a Meeting of Chairs of Diversity Committees and Councils facilitated by Vice Chancellor Hall.  Topics from the meeting included:
    • How to make campus diversity committees higher functioning committees
    • One of the outcomes of the Diversity LEADS group would be to host a Diversity Summit in the Fall 2014 semester
  • Status of the Black Issues Conference:
    • The Diversity Committee program proposal for the conference was accepted, “I Hate it when, I Would Like If…”
    • Presenters are Michelle, Seth, Vicki, Anne, and Thura
    • All Committee members were encouraged to register and attend the Black Issues Conference on February 1, 2014
  • The new Culture Corner has been completed and the topic is Medicine, Healing, etc.

2. Webpage Update

  • The Web Subcommittee were asked to update the activities page with recent Committee activities and functions
  • The Committee was reminded to add more pictures to the page from various activities, such as:
    • Race for the Cure
    • Bake sale

3. Safe Zone Training Feb. 11 at  2-5pm

  • We had a successful response to the Safe Zone Training call for registration
    • Attendees will receive 3 HR 128 credits
  • Email Sojourna Cunningham to sign up for class
  • It was agreed that we should open the registration to the university community and Sojourna will work with HR to open advertising around campus
  • Library participant names will be featured in the Dean’s newsletter

4. Disability Project

  • The Committee will continue planning programs for the Disability Project – activities will run from 2014-2015
  • A strategy will be to post on Facebook about disability services available in Library
  • We need to create a blurb to brand our Disability Project and activities 2014-2015
  • Potential activities:
    • Disability awareness training
    • The Committee will work with Steve M. (Library’s Disability contact Librarian) for April and May 2014 to highlight available services
  • For our programs, we will look into obtaining HR 128 credit
  • Two items for our calendar:
    • International Festival Table— Friday, April 11th from 10am-3pm
      • Table will highlight assistive learning equipment and services available in the library
    • We will partner with campus HR to offer a session on disability services
  • Next steps and more potential programming
    • Contact other campus disability advocates
    • ADA audit of Hodges Library, renew contact
      • Focus groups for disability services  in the library in the works (Sojourna and Regina) Update in February
    • We will continue to create our calendar of events and everyone is tasked with bringing ideas to the next meeting, February 20th, 2014, 1pm
    • Thura will ask the Director of the Disability Services Office to provide our committee with a liaison for this year-long program

5.  Miscellaneous

  • Residence Life Cinema: suggestions from Black Cultural Center for February
    • Perhaps we can collaborate with Residence Cinema Life to have movies with the theme of overcoming disabilities or physical challenges – September or October
      • October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In Attendance

Thura Mack                Steve Thomas

Anne Hulse                  Ingrid Ruffin

Vicki Palmer               Sojourna Cunningham

Regina Mays               Seth Jordan


Spring 2014 Meeting Dates

February 20th           March 20th

April 17th                    May 15th

June 19th                     July 17th


UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes November 21, 2013

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Committee Meeting Minutes: November 21, 2013 at 1:00pm, Room 150

1.  Announcements

  • None

2.  Black Issues Conference Committee (Seth, Vicki, Michelle, Anne, & Thura)

  • Proposed presentation idea:
    •  “I hate it when…I would like it if…” Scandalous College Stereotypes to include activities with discussions
  • Proposal due December 20
  • Possibly present this topic here in the library for faculty and staff if it is received well at the conference

3.  The Web Committee (Michelle, Seth, Rabia, & Judy)

  • The website needs more pictures
  • The Committee has contacted Dan Greene to help activate rolling pictures for the site
  • Need to add picture of the Veteran’s Day display

4.  HR Training Classes (Sojourna)

  • Participants will receive Safe Zone Training HR128 credit
  • Possible dates: Feb 4 or 5, 11 or 12 at 1pm
  • Individuals must sign up ahead to receive 3 hour credit training
  • Announce in Dean’s newsletter
  • Reserve Mary E. Greer room –Megan

5.  Race for the Cure Final Results

  • Raised $2532.00 through donations and salad bar fundraiser and matching funds

6.  Culture Corner

  • Medicine and Healing topic suggested at last meeting
  • Currently International Education Week in the corner
  • The upcoming theme for the 2014 freshman book will be “creativity”
    • Once the book has been selected, a Culture Corner will be created to support the book
    • The Committee is tasked with thinking of programs and partnerships to support the topic

7.  New Item – Disability Project (Sarah Bourque – Proxy for Annazette)

  • Menendez and McCain: Ratify disabilities treaty (2015 would be a significant anniversary/milestone of the Americans with Disabilities Act) (Anne)
  • Possible Activities Discussed:
    • Spotlight of library activities
    • ADA Compliance audit of Hodges Library building
    • In progress updating of website and marketing materials
    • Programming opportunity to highlight what we are doing to support community members with disabilities
    • Possible programming opportunity for Annual training of the public services staff and others to  including software and hardware available for patrons with follow-up open to UT community start planning
    • The Diversity Committee will contact Campus Disability Advocates group for support with this initiative
    • As part of this programming effort, we will consider doing exercises and activities to improve library services (Speak with Annazette Huston for activity ideas)
    • The Committee discussed willingness to participate in Disability Week
    • A couple Library Disability Focus Groups were identified – more follow-up will be reported on at a later date

8.  Discussion of Next Meeting Agenda

  • Continue planning programs for the Disability project
  • Plot out a calendar of events for the 2014-2015 Disability project
  • Include opportunities for staff training as part of Disability program
  • Schedule the Mary Greer room for the HR Training


Spring 2014 Meeting Dates

January 16th            February 20th

March 20th              April 17th

May 15th                  June 19th

July 17th


In Attendance

Sojourna Cunningham                      Thura Mack

Ingrid Ruffin                                        Seth Jordan

Sarah Bourque                                    Anne Hulse

Regina Mays                                        Cathy Jenkins

Elizabeth Young                                 Judy Li

Vicki Palmer



UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes October 24, 2013

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 Committee Meeting Minutes: October 24, 2013 at 1:00pm Room 150 

1.  Announcements

  • Race for the Cure Salad Bar Fundraiser total $985. Final team total $2700.
  • The next Diversity Committee Meeting will be November 21st at 1:00pm in room 150, Hodges Library

2.  VolAware Street Fair

  • Street Fair feedback indicated that our Committee had one of the top favorite things at the fair (stress balls)
  • Made stress balls and students listed what they do to de-stress as well as suggestions for what the library can add to the De-Stress program

3. Web Task Force Group

  • Michelle Brannen, Seth Jordan, Judy Li, Rabia Gibbs
  • Changes to the webpage
    • Definition in place
    • Reduced navigation menu
    • Need to add more pictures from recent and past activities

4.  Veterans Day Activities (Ingrid)

  • Will check with Taskforce in Support of Student Veterans
  • Possible Library display and activities

5.  Black Issues Conference Call for papers

  • Due December 20, 2013
  • Brainstormed possible presentation
    • “I hate it when, I would like it if” lingering stereotypes
    • STEM and Diversity
    • Date of event February 1st, 2014
    • Sub-committee

Sojourna Cunningham                  Anne Hulse

Seth Jordan                                   Thura Mack

Michelle Brannen                         Vicki Palmer

6.   New: TRACE (Seth)

  • Seth demoed TRACE and the Committee’s presence in the collection
  • Committee will think of other ways to populate our presence in the TRACE collection

7.   HR Diversity Training for all UT Libraries Faculty and Staff (Sojourna)

  • Understanding some of the most common “hidden” disabilities
  • Safe Zone Training: Empowering LGBT ALLIES

8.  Programming Assessment (Thura)

  • Thura reported on a template for reporting the Diversity Committee activities, i.e. Learning Objective, Attendance, and Evaluation Type

9.  New Culture Corner

  • Culture Corner ideas are welcome
  • Email your ideas to Thura
  • Suggested: Health care and medicinal practices around the world (Anne)

Proposed November Agenda

—-Black Issues Conference Committee

—-Web committee reporting

—-HR Training

—-Race for the Cure final results

—-Culture Corner

In Attendance

Megan Venable                  Vicki Palmer

Ann Hulse                           Michelle Brannen

Seth Jordan                         Steve Thomas

Rabia Gibbs                        Sojourna Cunningham

Judy Li                                Elizabeth Young

Ingrid Ruffin                       Thura Mack

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes September 19, 2013

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UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Thursday, September 19th 2013, 1:00pm, Room 150

1.   Announcements
Diversity Dialogues: Human Libraries, Nov 5, 2013 at 7pm Multicultural Student Center

2.  Upcoming programs
VolAware Street Fair: Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 10:00-4:30pm
9:30 Set up – Tentative Theme: De-Stress Program
POCs: Michelle and Thura

Race for the Cure Salad Bar/ Raffle Fundraiser Thursday,
October 3, 2013 11:30-1:30pm, 6th Floor Staff Room
Committee Setup at 10:45 and Breakdown 1:30pm
POCs: Sojourna, Megan, and Thura

Social Justice Common Ground Read for Spring 2014
Thura and Allison recently met with new Vice Chancellor of Diversity
Half the Sky, by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, was suggested
– other suggestions are welcome

Black Issues Conference Proposal upcoming for Spring
The Committee will continue to check for a call for proposals
Possible proposal: “I hate it when, I would like it if…”

Possible program for Spring collaboration with Employee and Organizational
Development (HR)
POC Sojourna Cunningham

International Festival in April
We are seeking a request for theme suggestion

3. Diversity Committee webpage
Pictures are needed for the page
Cookie Bake off and International Fair pictures (Sojourna)

Web team:
Judy Li
Rabia Gibbs
Seth Jordan (New)
Michelle Brannen (New)
Suggestions for content and linked information are needed

4.  Diversity Committee Annual Report
Thura is currently working on the annual report. Once it is
approved by library administration, it will be shared with the
Diversity Committee and posted on the website.

5.  Diversity Program Evaluation
Explore options for program attendees feedback for the Diversity programs
POCs: Regina and Thura

Look at ways to increase program attendance and improve program marketing
POCs: All Committee members

6. Upcoming meeting dates
October 24, 2013, 1-2pm Room 150
November 21, 2013, 1-2pm Room 150

7. Suggested Agenda Items
Debrief on the Race for the Cure and the VolAware Street Fair outcomes
Discuss progress for upcoming programs

September 19th Attendees:
Megan Venable
Vicki Palmer
Elizabeth Young
Seth Jordan
Sojourna Cunningham
Steve Thomas
Michelle Brannen
Ingrid Ruffin
Thura Mack
Regina Mays

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 28, 2013

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Diversity Minutes February 28, 2013, 1:00pm, Room 150

  • Next Diversity Committee meeting
    • Will be held March 21 1-2 p.m., Hodges Library Room 150
  • Dr. Brothers
    • April 18 Dr. Laura Lundsford, University of Arizona
    • Workshop for faculty morning and students afternoon more information to come
  • International Festival April 19 10-2 p.m.
    • Discuss possible themes via email
  • Thura Mack’s new title, Coordinator for Community Services and Diversity Programs
  • Confucius Institute (Ann Hulse)
    • Book donation ceremony April 12
    • Speaker series and movie series in the Fall Anne Hulse will provide more information
  • April 1st -8th graduate education week
    • Digital signage, organizational support of week; display
  • Thura volunteered to email Dr. Ricky Hall, Vice Chancellor of Diversity
  • Diversity Committee Tool Box (Sojourna Cunningham scunni16@nullutk.edu)
    • Creating a survey instrument for the Southeastern region to create best practices as well as dialogue
  • Assessment focus group in the Fall (Sojourna Cunningham scunni16@nullutk.edu)
    • Library partnering with Disability Services
  • LibQual lite assessment of library services, this year Summer/Fall
    • Climate Qual Survey internal survey in the Spring of next year
    • 3 weeks faculty/staff 15 questions
    • IRB next Spring
  • Common Ground Book Club Update (Ingrid Ruffin)
    • Discussion led by Dean of the University Libraries Steve Smith, with 20 attendees
  • Webpage Update for http://www.lib.utk.edu/diversity/ (Judy Li and Rabia Gibbs)
    • Judy and Rabia highlighted new changes i.e. Word cloud, Culture Corner, Library residency program
    • New Deadline for the webpage: April during National Library Week April 14-20
    • Email Judy and Rabia with suggested changes
  • Alliance of Women Philanthropists 2012 Giving Circle Grant Update (Sojourna)
    • Grant to bring Half the Sky book and film to campus along with a scholarship is submitted
    • The Grant was not approved. The committee will continue to look for other funding opportunities.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes November 15, 2012

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Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes November 15th, 2012, 1:00pm, Room 150


  •  If you are interested in participating in, volunteering for, or donating auction items for the Race Against Racism weekend (MLK weekend), please contact Marva Rudolph
  • Need volunteers at the race site

Webpage Update and Discussion

  •  There was discussion on the webpage format and which elements to keep
  •  The Committee agreed to have an open house event to celebrate our new webpage once it is  completed
  •  Continue to send comments to Judy and Rabia

Human Libraries Presentation for the Black Issue Conference

  • The Human Libraries’ subcommittee is scheduled to meet November 28, 2012
  •  Conference proposal will be shared at the next meeting

Discuss Library Diversity Plan

  • The Committee decided to discuss the diversity plan at a later date in 2013

New Business

  • The Diversity Committee has been invited to participate in the Alliance of Women Philanthropists 2012 Giving Circle Grant
  • The project will include writing a grant on the “Half the Sky” film and also offering a scholarship to successful student proposals
  • The Standing Grant Committee includes:  Brian Broyles, Sojourna Cunningham, Thura Mack, Rachel Radom, and Ingrid Ruffin

Other Action Items

  • Ingrid is monitoring social networking media (Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress)
  • She will spearhead a social media drive (giveaway contests for t-shirts, stickers) and work with Robin Bedenbaugh
  • Sojourna volunteered to update LibGuides on the Diversity website.  She will work with Rabia  and Judy in this effort.  Megan and Martha are contacts for website pictures

New Business

  • Dean Steve Smith is planning a 10 year anniversary reunion for the Diversity Residency Program
  • He has asked for our support to (Help) organize this reunion
  • The veteran display and activities were a highly complimented by Dean Smith
  •  The Committee discussed providing the new Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Ricky Hall, a welcome goodie bag when he arrives in July 2013
  •   The Committee will discuss whether or not to request a Committee budget in a future meeting

Tentative Agenda Items for Next Meeting

  • Announcements
  • Webpage Committee
  •  “Half the Sky” Grant Committee
  •  Common Ground Book Club
  •   Race Against Racism
  •   Black Issue Conference Proposal – Human Libraries
  •   Year End Wrap-up

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes December 15, 2011

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Diversity Committee Meeting December 15, 2011

Thura Mack, Trish Brady, Allison (Bolorizadeh) Sharp, Laurie Robertson, Matt Jordan, Rabia Gibbs, Anne Hulsey, Marva Collins

Trish’s last day will be January 30th. She is becoming a full time musician.

January 5 Diversity Roundtable

RSVPs (so far):
Ernest Brothers, Asst. Dean, The Graduate School;
Vern Granger, Enrollment Services;
Katrice Morgan, Asst Dean for Student Affairs, UT School of Law;
Travis Griffin, Director, Ofc of Diversity Programs, College of
Location: Hodges Library rm. 605
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM
Have the webpage on the large screen showing the charge of the
Have a contact sheet
Have a form that will allow people to post anonymous diversity
topics that they would like to see discussed (Allison w/ Trish
will have ready by next week for Rabia’s invitation email)
Resend invitation emails next week- Rabia
We want to make sure to respond to comments in a current
and timely manner.
Welcome from Thura
Introductions from everyone
Discussion Topics
1. The types of diversity issues they address within their respective units
2. The resources that they use for programming and outreach
3. Ideas for partnership and collaboration
a. Have a post it note activity to encourage discussion and collaboration (Anne)
4. End with our action points.

Other Issues:
Rabia asked, “Will the Discussion Forum be a regular event?”
Others thought maybe 2 times per year, or every couple of months would be a good way to repeat the roundtable discussions.
Thura suggested that we put the big ideas that come from the
discussion on our website so people can come back to the page to see progress or revisit the ideas.
BCC (Black Culture Conference 2012)
If you are interested in participating then email Thura
Culture Corner Ideas
Protests/ Protestors: Occupy, Arab Spring, etc…
Beauty Ideals Worldwide and Historically

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes July 28, 2011

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Thanks to all for a productive Diversity Meeting On Thursday July 28
The meeting took place in the location Hodges Library 2nd floor Mary E. Greer room
Announcements were as following:
News of the Dean of Libraries Steve Smith inviting the committee to be guests on September 23 for a gala dinner and evening at the Knoxville Convention Center
The committee is charged with inviting 6 additional guests
Members who would like to attend please notify Patty @ boling00@nullutk.edu asap the deadline is August 12 but the sooner the better!
The event is September 23 with reception starting@ 5:30 and dinner at 6:30 the event will be held at the Convention Center
September 8 Showcase program discussion:
Budget request;
Radio Station $200-$300
Cookies/punch/water $150
Door Prizes $120
Potential participates are;
WUTK Radio Station (there is a $200-$300 cost)
Black Cultural Center
African –American 50th Achievement
Chris Durman representing the Music Library
Native American Student Association (NASA)
Spoken Word participants
Library Common Ground Book club
Connie Steigenga ( make balloon animals)
Michelle Brannen ( civility videos contest entries)
Student Health Center (providing HPV awareness education)
Martha Rudolph is creating digital signs to announce the September 8 program & she is putting together a hall of fame slide show with photos from the Black Cultural Center
Much more…..
New membership:
Allison B. and Thura will work on getting the announcement out for a call for new members on Monday August 1
The fall Culture Corner:
Allie R. is creating posters for the LOTM displays & Cultural Corner
Thura is working on updating the Cultural Corner (volunteers are welcome)
50th Celebration:
Annazette met with me after the meeting and the 50th committee has offered to provide 50th buttons for the September 8 program (email me and let me know if this will take of our button needs)

Thura Mack
Coordinator, Community Learning Services

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes April 22, 2010

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Planning for the Life of the Mind Mountain Beyond Mountains collaboration with Tahirah. Molly ordered copies. Tahirah is making a Ning site for the Libraries Life of the Mind.

Other ideas

Art Contest based on the subject of the book (TB and TM)

International Festival Table

Schedule sent out on email

Butcher Paper to write about the Library in your language.

World Poster

Swag for visitors

Taking a short brake after the Festival.


UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 25, 2010

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Welcome Diversity Residents Rabia Gibbs and Kynita Stringer-Stanback to the Diversity Committee

Committee discussed options for a sister library connection in Haiti. The resource Allie was given was not clear and seemed targeted for individual professionals.
Haïti 2010:
All members will help in finding resources.

Diversity Opportunities

Rabia Gibbs and Kynita Stringer-Stanback are exploring options with the ALA diversity grant and the Diversity Fair.

Upcoming Let’s Talk About It Options

Feminine Self Esteem


Freedom of Speech: speaking out in other counties

Meeting adjourned to Erin’s going away party