UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes October 12, 2010

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The committee met to discuss the arrangements for Missy Jenkins visit and the Jordan Documentary presentation. Cookies and tea are arranged for the Jenkins event. We will check with Seth and Matt to see if Nov. 11th is a good date. Thura will confirm that the attendants to Cultural Enrichment Series events will receive HR 128 credit for the time spent.

The Diversity Committee has collaborated with Safe Haven and allotted shelf space for selections from the collection on immigration.

Planning for the 50th anniversary continued. The committee will help construct a traveling exhibit time line to commemorate important dates desegregation of UT. “Foot prints through history” The committee discussed how to intergrate technology into the display. Perhaps produce cell phone accessible sound files by number code and create an online version for the library to keep up.

The committee discussed having a visual/hearing impaired workshop in January.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes October 7, 2010

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The Diversity Committee convened for a short meeting to discuss upcoming events the 50th anniversary of the first black students admitted to the Univeristy of Tennessee.
pull yearbooks
paraphernalia and display in the display case
speakers in the library

Cultural enrichment series
preparations for Missy Jenkins – visit tea and cookies
Upcoming events Jordan family history (how to make a documentary)

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes September 9, 2010

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Joanne Deeken visited again to update the Committee on the results of the faculty council meeting. She stressed the Council was not satisfied with the current plan stating that they wished to cite civility and education as the overall theme for the plan.
The committee wishes to point out that the Libraries Diversity Plan is designed to make people aware of the issues and it is not a laundry list of to do items. The Libraries Diversity committee creates separate goals, and continues to work towards to Libraries Diversity goals. The current committee is based on partnerships and collaboration on educational and community outreach efforts with many other UT departments and organizations.
The committee continued to discuss the Libraries Diversity plan, making edits to reflect the current work of the committee. These changes were recorded and sent to Joanne Deeken.
Changes made are:
1. Change “Let’s Talk About it” to Cultural Enrichment Series that involves the whole campus.
The committee does not welcome new library employees

2. The committee does not provide support for search committees
3. The committee does not participate in recruitment of new students to UT.
5. The committee is not responsible for the development and maintenance of UT Libraries Subject guides.

Current Work
Common Ground Book Club
October 11th Brown Bag Discussion: time is to be set (before 5:00pm)

Cultural Enrichment in October.
Immigration Culture Corner collaboration with Safe Haven.

The committee will review the current Diversity Committee Plan and suggesting new goals for the next meeting.

Allison Roberts 9/14/2010

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes August 26, 2010

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Diversity Committee Meeting Notes August 26 2010

The Diversity committee welcomed Joanne Deeken for a discussion on the UT Libraries Diversity Plan. The University is to rewrite departmental diversity plans to reflect changes and innovations in the current practices for SACS accreditation Review.
Deeken stressed that the meeting discussion is forward thinking and we should plan for what we want to do with our future endeavors and integrate current practices into a new plan.

Proposed Actions:

Redo Diversity Assessment
An updated diversity assessment is needed. The last assessment was completed ten years ago. The committee cited Charting a Course for Diversity: An Experience in Climate Assessment M Royse, T Conner, T Miller – Portal-Libraries and the Academy, 2006 – muse.jhu.edu for review and methods of completing a new assessment.

Collaboration and Interactivity
Add a interactive component Learning Commons Digital Presence that ties all diversity efforts together and offers a anonymous platform for expression. “Campus Voices”

Participation in Diversity Events:

The discussion stressed that the Libraries staff and faculty members are stretched in too many directions, making it difficult for everyone to participate or help with events. Committee members want to incorporate the idea that diversity is not just about color, or ethnicity it’s about culture and individually ie: “Diversity Means You”.
Ideas on how to increase participation

Monthly programs for different areas in the library that address specific needs.

Rework “Let’s Talk About It” into a “Cultural Enhancement Series” with programs that offer training credit. (HR128)

Diversity Awards for staff and faculty (cooperate with send roses)

Current Practices to Continue:

Culture Corner
Cosponsor opportunities are being sought; including the International House, and partnerships
with other Library Committees like the Common Ground Book Club.
The committee will continue to post accomplishments and collaboration efforts on the Libraries Diversity Committee site and news feed.

Advertising and Promotion

Future advertising and public relations will incorporate the new plasma displays located throughout the Hodges Library and we will continue to contact the Daily Beacon, WUOT, WUTK and Metropulse with our event information.

MAR 8/31/2010

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes July 29, 2010

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Welcome back from a summer hiatus.
Present: Mack, Roberts, Bolorizadeh, Houston, L Roberson, Gibbs, Stringer-Stanback

The Committee considered upcoming programming and outreach opportunities

1. Tahirah is working on a correlation program with the 2010 Life of the Mind reading selection Mountains Beyond Mountains described as “Expressions”.
2. Dr. Sall presented on his continuing journal to Ghana with senior students for educational enrichment and community service that began in 2005. The students learn to relate to life in Ghana and provide school supplies to the children. The outreach program began building a school/public library in 2007. http://web.utk.edu/~africana/ghana.htm
3. Annazette Houston presented the 50 year UT Desegregation Celebration. This is a year long commemoration including dinners, speeches, and walks. The year will be finalized with a glossy book in 2011.
4. Houston also provided information on a speaker, Missy Jenkins, who will be on campus to discuss her book I Choose to Be Happy: A School Shooting Survivor’s Triumph Over Tragedy in October. http://www.missyjenkins.com/

Thura will draft an retention memo for members to see whom wishes to stay on the committee and report to Dean Phillips who is staying on next year.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes April 22, 2010

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Planning for the Life of the Mind Mountain Beyond Mountains collaboration with Tahirah. Molly ordered copies. Tahirah is making a Ning site for the Libraries Life of the Mind.

Other ideas

Art Contest based on the subject of the book (TB and TM)

International Festival Table

Schedule sent out on email

Butcher Paper to write about the Library in your language.

World Poster

Swag for visitors

Taking a short brake after the Festival.


UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 25, 2010

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Welcome Diversity Residents Rabia Gibbs and Kynita Stringer-Stanback to the Diversity Committee

Committee discussed options for a sister library connection in Haiti. The resource Allie was given was not clear and seemed targeted for individual professionals.
Haïti 2010:
All members will help in finding resources.

Diversity Opportunities

Rabia Gibbs and Kynita Stringer-Stanback are exploring options with the ALA diversity grant and the Diversity Fair.

Upcoming Let’s Talk About It Options

Feminine Self Esteem


Freedom of Speech: speaking out in other counties

Meeting adjourned to Erin’s going away party


UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes January 21, 2010

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The committee resolved to meet every four weeks on Thursday at 1 pm unless notified otherwise.

February 2nd All Staff:
The plan is to notify the attendees of upcoming events and programs, ideas for enriching the Library,  and ask for staff to send information about their needs from the Diversity Committee.

Black Issues Conference:
The committee discussed program layout who would open,  present and close.
Facets of presenting the information were discussed. Calling on Carreer services for support of the the various diciplines requirements for resume/vita layout and content.  Advertising avenues were highlighted (Deans newsletter, Student Success Center ) and plans to post the finished presentation were hatched.

Culture Corner/ Common Ground Collaboration Opening:
A tea and cookie event is in planning. The committee is waiting on setting a date.

Residents Reception:
Feb 16th @ 3:00.  Welcome gift basket was discussed each member is bringing items to include.  The committee will solicit non members for help with the reception.

Let’s Talk About It Ideas:

Iran in the 21 century:
Correlate with the Persian New Year in March
Highlight the election and the use of social media and the news.

News wars:
Show Wag the Dog and have a panel of journalism and communication professors and grad students offer insight, comments and take questions.

Committee discussed launching an effort with a sister library in Haiti and respond to their needs.