UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 5, 2008

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Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes

Room 605- 3:00 p.m.- February 5, 2008

  1. Meeting convened by Thura Mack.
  2. All members attending:

Sandy Allen, Allison Roberts, Hannah Powell, Jeff French, Marielle Veve,

Trisha Brady, Shantrie Collins, Damon Campbell, Jeanine Williamson, Thura

Mack, and Sara Green

  1. Announcements and Discussion:
    1. Thura began by talking about the Student Appreciation event we have scheduled for Monday, March 31 between 2:00 and 4:00. We combined the announcement of the time for this being set with commentary from members. Hannah had asked in LEA members could attend, but no one from that committee came due to illness. Hannah asked lots of questions in able to take information back to Hannah Barker from LEA who is helping the Diversity Committee this year with this event. One major area in question dealed with bookplates and who was to handle them. Thura explaned that we had a folder with information on procedures we would share with all LEA members who were helping with this event, and would pass on to LEA when they took over the event next year. Sandy also spoke up and commented that she thought Tech Services conducted the electronic bookplating. Thura talked some of procedures and explained the process for selecting and contacting students who were to be honored, and passed around draft for invitations to staff and faculty as well as a draft for the certificate we will give to student honorees. Hannah asked if Barbara’s Student Advisory Committee wasn’t also honored during this ceremony and Thura agreed to look into that. Barbara has granted the Committee $100.00 to purchase the cake, punch and other food for the event.
    2. Jeff French passed around a Thank You card hand written by a child recipient form the Angel Tree.
    3. Sara Green congratulated Jeanine on her Talk About It held in January on disabilities.
    4. Sara Green mentioned the Culture Corner. Out of all of the items mentioned in the catalog only 15 monographs were found, so it was decided to expand the theme of the new Culture Corner to include other tri-racial groups as well as the Melungeons. Sandy Allen is working on ordering more titles to be included as they arrive for this Culture Corner dealing with the Melungeon topic. Sara Green also stated that in conjunction with this Culture Corner the president of the Melungeon Association of America has graciously agreed to conduct a Talk About It on March 11 at 11:00 in room 605 at his own traveling expense.
    5. Sara Green mentioned the coming event with Pearl Fryer at AgVet and asked Allison Roberts to expound upon the basic information put out by the email. Mr. Fryer has a biographical film that will be shown at 7:00 in the Cox Auditorium on February 27. The Committee agreed to support this event with promotion through email and flyers advertising it. Mr. Fryer will lecture in the alcove at AgVet on February 28.
    6. Thura spoke about the coming Staff Development trip in May to Fayetteville Library. Because this is a historically Black college it was deemed necessary for there to be an effort made to create a collaborative project where the two institutions could mutually benefit from this trip. Hannah mentioned creating an online exhibit with unique materials from both libraries which was met with approval by the members present. This was considered to be the first step in creating a meaningful relationship between the two institutions.

4. The meeting adjourned.