UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes November 13, 2008

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I.Announcements & Updates.

a)Trunk or Treat – JW and TM gave out candy, fruit roll ups and granola courtesy of Lorie.

II.2009 Culture Corner

a)Considering putting out a library wide call for ideas

b)Collect ideas during this meeting

c)JR idea – biographies of people that have made a political impact from underrepresented groups

§No rush on book selection as per TM.

§We need to develop the theme with JR, then sound out a call for participation

§Efforts should start right before Christmas

·The members of the Div Com agree that this is a good idea

·JW will speak with JR

III.December 4th Let’s Talk About It – Beverly Watts

a)2pm meeting is pretty much set as per TM.

b)Groups on campus have been notified

c)AR is our publicist/PR person

§TM will send a call thru the campus diversity and intercultural initiative

§Any of us with connections should send out a call as well

d)Is there any planning that needs to be done for the event?

§No, as per TM – Trisha will see if if there’s leftovers from ASB book club (hot water and tea)

§Damon will do cookies or some sort of dessert

§TM will bring plates and cups

§We need to contact Beverly and lay out the timetable

§AR will try to get info onto the Casner network about this – we have word out by AgVet

§AR can place this on the Metropulse calendar

§TB can create a flyer

·It might be prudent to post up our events in as many places as possible

IV.Campus Conference – Call for Participation (scroll to the bottom of email for more info)

a)Should deal with Black issues

b)Tie in libraries and/or diversity

c)Lorie volunteered to be part of the panel

§We should contact her and s she’d like to fit in or if she has any ideas

§Black issues conference proposal due Friday, December 12th

§Conference is February 7th at the UC

·This will be a student conference and a good opportunity for the library to get out there an have a voice/presence

oBarack’s use of Web 2.0?

§Tie in the library (as a place where we could develop/use some of the same 2.0 stuff as Obama did)

oThe Library as pop culture – somehow tie this into diversity

oThe future of information as a cultural bridge as per AR

§Barack Obama was reaching diverse constituents with his use of web 2.0 technology

§…As will the library

·This could overlap with the social networking idea below as per JW

oSocial networking bridging culture gaps

·Second Life Spanish classes

·JW suggests ASB as a member of the panel by virtue of the work she’s done with social networking and web 2.0

·We can start with the social networking and then end with a push for library resources

·TB and AR will start a blurb for the program, which TM and JW will finish.

·This should be completed by 12/4/08

V.Let’s Talk About It Proposal Form (Annazette)

a)Was thinking about a proposal form, but this will be tabled since Annazette is not here today.

VI.December Meeting?

a)We should at least have a brief meeting to prep for culture corner as per JW

§12/18/08, 1pm

VII.Other Topics

a)TM – since we cant move forward with the campus calendar, we have other ideas RE being visible.How do we advertise our calendar?

§Do we want to go global?Metropulse? TN today links to our calendar.

§Do we want to create a more tangible presence with our activities?

·AR it would be good to globally publish applicable programs

oWere we afraid too many people would show up?

§Not enough parking?

oDid we just never globally advertise?

§We were strictly library, then we expanded to campus-wide.Now we’ll be University wide

·Speaks to the development and of our committee and programs

·We’ve a presence on the University webpage calendar as a result of contacting Eric Bledsoe

·We’ve a presence thru CDI

·If the library has a newsletter, we could include a blurb

§Is our scheduling (lack of consistency) an issue?We meet our goals, but without regularly scheduled programs (only programming where appropriate) might make us somewhat inaccessible to the community at large.

b)Angel Tree

§Probably too late by this point to be involved

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes September 11, 2008

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JW culture corner is done — it’s small but it is complete

Updates to the Diversity calendar

AR has email Eric Bledsoe, but has not heard back.Will call him.

She uses veterans administration calendar, Kentucky University calendar, and a Pagan calendar from the UK for events and puts them on the calendar in order

It’s set up to show events for the current month – there’s also options to see other months/years

AR will figure out how to convert it into an RSS feed in order to have it feed into the UT calendar

October 16th LGBT Program update

TM — Hodges, Mary E. Greer room at 1pm, we will host the LGBT speakers

The main program is in the evening so the earlier portion of the day will be filler

Let’s Talk about It program – will last no more than 1 hour including Q and A

Opportunity to work with the LGBT commission AND do a Let’s Talk about It program

Writer’s in the library will have a reception/book signing in the library right before 1pm

RW or someone from the LGBT committee will introduce the speakers And we only need to make sure things are running smoothly

Be sure the room is set up for a powerpoint

authors are involved in a digital initiative, so we’ll be looking at some of their work

Our in-house CMN department will provide publicity to the Beacon, New Sentinel, Radio Station, and around campus

We won’t have to worry about food – writers in the library people will do refreshments.They will provide it, though we may need to help them set up.


Priscilla of the Desert

Brokeback mountain

If these walls could talk

Discussion for November and December projects, including ideas for the next culture corner

November Ideas

Last year native Americans month – co-sponsored with an up and coming group, put on a film series and did a poster campaign.

TB – we should do a poster campaign again

LR – (WHICH GROUP?)students had their first meeting recently and want to have another film series

Also planning Elder’s Day celebration in late October (pow wow drum, dancers, beadwork in the amphitheater – Joyce Dugan is invited to speak

AR could they have a demonstration in November?

If they do smudging?, it must be done outside of the library for fire safety reasons

JW – Consensus for films for native American month again?

TB – We can do something else for our culture corner and still help with the series

We will promote outside of the library – send publicity to departments and organizations that would be interested in such a program

The students in the group can select the films, and we will work with LR on publicity coordination advertised on the Diversity page.

AR – @ TN, Campus CMN, and TN will be notified. The series will be advertised on the Diversity webpage


December ideas

December is Universal Human Rights Month

JW – Disability as a matter of family

3 speakers from the college of Nursing

Talked about mental and/or physical disabilities that people often encounter

Watched a film RE these disabilities and had a discussion (some personal experience was discussed)

12/3 – international day of disabled persons

Disability month is October – do we want to do anything in November?

AM — We should focus on LGBT, save disability for another month or year

JW – JR suggested doing intercultural holidays.We did religions of the world over the summer, could do more.JR also suggested programming on people of Scots and Irish descent

TM – we could do more disability stuff

AM – we could do human rights and cover disabilities as a subset

If we had money, we could bring in leaders in the human rights field

If we don’t, we can bring in a local human rights person (Beverly Watts, TN Human Rights commission)

AM can have her staff attend the programming and is connected with Beverly Watts

Gender issues in the workplace (equal pay) could address this without being overtly political

LR – Offer employees credit for HR – 128 to bolster numbers and promote attendance?

TM – we can probably do this. TM will get forms and look into this possibility

The people that attend can fill out the forms and we can get the forms to the office

We can advertise that it’s for recognized credit (if we can prove that it’s a worthwhile lecture or interactive program)

Will immediate notice to Beverly be enough time for her to be able to do this?

JW – we can schedule her for a different month – we’re not bound by the calendar

AMBeverly could tell us about some opportunities to talk about some issues we might have missed, punch through any “groupthink” that we might be experiencing

JW – will there be an honorarium (payment for travel, etc for her attendance)?

AM – as a state employee, she might not be able to accept it.

AM – she could be paid to conduct staff training

We will be flexible about dates – we’ll see when she’s available.AM will contact her

TM – We’ll see if it’d be possible for her to attend one of our meetings at 1pm on a Thursday

JW – If that doesn’t work, we can have her come by whenever she can and we will adjust

AM – we could also cover hidden disabilities (hard of hearing, mental, etc)

The disabled students are aware of the accommodations in place.This would be beneficial to librarians and those offering service.

AR – are there any courses that would benefit from attendance?

AM – deafness program, vocational rehab, etc – also someone in her office that teaches HR courses RE hidden disabilities.In house expertise!

JW – Human rights in December, Disabilities in the spring?

Group is in consensus here – focus!

TM – we could have AM’s colleague come in spring, then have a student panel in support of this (so students have a vested interest in attendance)

AM – Disability services, OID, audiology we’ve got resources on campus, so we could set up a good panel.

AR – April for disabilities?January for the panel (weather notwithstanding)

JW – Kind of far away

TB – if we can’t get Beverly for December, we can do disabilities since we’ve an idea formed…

Culture Corner?

TM – This should reflect some of our programming

We should go by some of the ideas we’ve formed

Culture corners can last multiple months or even a semester

TB – rather than letting the current one stay up for a couple more months, we can change it for human rights and leave it up for a bit – LGBT can fit into this

Next culture corner planning in November, done in December

Other Topics

Jeff French will provide his truck and help with the Trunk or Treat and Angel Tree

Truck or Treat – for people with disabilities.Last year, fraternities handled this and we weren’t in the loop for it.

AM – giving kids with disabilities candy may not be a good idea.Maybe toys, but we need to make sure that these won’t break

AM – Jim Harris is over Greek system and could clue us in.JW will contact him.

We wouldn’t be in charge of this, just sponsoring treats/truck for the program.

AM – Circle park (where this is held) may not be a very accessible point for impaired children

Difficult to drop people off (curb cut is steep)

9/25/08 – next meeting is in 150

Diversity Committee Meeting Notes Aug. 28, 2008

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8-28-08 Diversity Committee

Inviting outsiders is an opportunity to look at how and why we do what we do

Censoring minutes? No – the released transcript of the meetings are more of a highlight than censorship.We will continue to release our notes as we have done.

Getting to know you exercises!

Just for fun, think about diversity among members

Common ground

Uncommon ground

Campus Diversity Calendar

We tried to contact Eric Bledsoe the day of our last meeting, to no avail

Trying to get our events out there to the campus at large

Possibly piggyback onto existing events

possibly get onto the International House calendar

Committee technology features


Can be set up to share the calendar with all members

so we can share available meeting dates

libdiv emails can go here rather than thru Thura

Back up info source

calendar and mail folders can be shared among members, as per Roger Weaver

Shared calendar is AR’s main concern


Workable idea, Allison can create this – will email the credentials to the group

JR and JW agree

One place for information, plus it has an archive

As per AR, listserv would be a good place for our conversation

Will we need both?

Yes – both have specific features that can help us, says AR

New meeting dates proposed

We’ll only have these meetings if we’re working on a project

Meetings will be cancelled if we’re not

CMN committee

1pm 10/16/08 Pat Gozemba and Karen Kahn authors of “Courting Equaility” at the UC

Documenting GLBT Boston

Commission for LGBT people will need no funding, but promo and breakfast for authors events need planning

Possibly have a forum for people to speak or a breakfast

We might be able to work on other projects with them as well

TM suggests turning this into a campus wide Let’s Talk About It” during one of our regular meeting times rather than a breakfast

Committee is game for a campus-wide program.

Mary Greer room or Auditorium

JR – auditorium would be stark without a large crowd.Greer room can be adjusted depending on crowd size

Group is for Greer room

We could provide snacks


This will involve some promo work as well

The commission is trying to fill the day, as the main program is at night.

JR: does the commission have a PR dept for this, or will the onus be on us?

TB – we’ll need to do poster work for the film series anyway – may as well include info for this program on those posters as well

Donna Braquet is on the GLBT advisory commission – she might have ideas RE promo, numbers, venues, etc.


September – patriots day, deaf awareness month

October – GLBT –

Brokeback Mountain,

If These Walls Could Talk

Priscilla of the Desert,

3 films will suffice

We can show a film a week, Oct 7th ,14th, 21st

Unfortunately, time is constrained, as movies cannot be piped thru the building anymore due to the media center

Trisha will look into room availability

At or around 1pm

Thura will talk to Roger about the GLBT program to get a clearer sense of what needs to be done

Publicity can be held til we’ve a better idea of what’s going on – 9/11/08, we will discuss publicity

AR – partner with faculty, as there are classes around GLBT filmmaking – this could be extra credit?

Christine Holmund – Trisha knows her/will contact

AR can contact some faculty as well Rosa Thomas – who is doing a human sexuality course

Mid September promotion, so people can plan in advance.

Once this is done, we can begin planning November

Diversity Definition

include Gender identity in our diversity definition?

Unanimously approved.

AR will change this on the web page

JW – next steps

decide what other projects we want to do this semester aside from Oct LGBT

All of us need to bring ideas for projects to the next meeting

TM – we’ve got the culture corner running, but we need to think about the next incarnation

TM – Native American month = November.We should start planning for this soon

JR – we’ve always looked at obvious diversity issues (ethnicity is big)

Mary Papke talked about us all being part of a culture

We should look for less obvious fare

Geographic regions and original settlers?

International awareness

AR – there might be an Irish Heritage month.We’ve done Appalachian culture…it was 2 – 3 years ago past.

TB – we could do that again

Irish Heritage month is in March…programming for this?

Sometimes people appreciate having their cultures talked about

LEA will be doing student association – we won’t need to do the bulk of it as a committee.We will have time in March to do Irish Heritage

December?– last year, we did disabilities

It’s near a major Christian holiday – should we look at other cultures during that time that people might miss?

December is Universal Human Rights Month


December planning will be on our next agenda

A culture corner could continue to speak to the issue even after the programming has ended.

TM – the more global our project are, the more people we can attract

JR – is there any way to identify how many African students are here?

Connect with International House

Bill Dewey is a professor of African art – we can get him to do a presentation

TM – we need a 9/11 meeting to discuss projects

TM — If we can line up projects til December, we’ll be in good shape

Trunk and Treat?Mainly done by sororities and fraternities

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes August 14, 2008

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Diversity Committee meeting – August 14, 2008

Introductions/Committee Roster

Members Present:

Thura Mack – Diversity Co-chair and Training Coordinator for UT Libraries

Jeanine Williamson – Diversity Co-chair and Engineering and Art & Architecture Librarian in Research Services&Collections, UT Hodges Library

Trisha Brady – Supervisor for Media Center/Studio, at Hodges

Shantrie Collins – Diversity Resident, UT Libraries

Damon Campbell – Diversity Resident, UT Libraries

Laurie Roberson – Director of Student Services in the school of architecture and design.

Jerry Roberson – Professor at the Veterinary school and adviser to the Native American Student Organization.

George Hoemann – Chair of LGBT, Assistant Dean of Distance Education

Sandy Allen – Technical Services & Digital Access, at Hodges

Allison Roberts – Supervisor at Ag/Vet library, Diversity Committee web mistress

Members Absent:

Marielle Veve – Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, UT Libraries

Jane Row – Head, Research Services at UT Libraries and Ready for the World library point person

Jill Keally – Diversity ex-officio and Executive Associate Dean of UT Libraries

Donna Braquet – Diversity ex-officio and Librarian in Research Services & Collections

Annazette McCane – Director, UT Disability Services

Overview of the committee

Diversity definition and mission statement were included to provide in-depth background for new members (if you were not at the meeting, please attached Agenda document with these descriptions). We’ve been criticized about past programs’ validity. We are striving to be more accountable to the diversity definition. However, we do leave ourselves room to take risks.

Annual Report

Report was in draft form and shared to get feedback from members, and review types of programming that this committee is committed to.

Suggestion to add titles of the films and some specific hot topics that we feature for display. It was agreed that these changes will be incorporated.

Committee agreed to get card for Sarah Green, former co-chair of the Diversity Committee, for a job well done.

Calendars for best meeting dates

Members agreed that Thursdays at 1 p.m. is the best time for the committee to meet.

In the beginning of the Fall semester, we will meet twice a month. Once our projects are underway, we will meet once a month. Meetings are scheduled for an hour and a half.

The next meeting date is August 28 at 1 p.m. in Room 605.

Allison Roberts will get the committee an outlook account and set us up for shared calendars.


There was an invitation from Roger Weaver to host LGBT program on October 16.

Evening presentation is about the book Courting Equality: Gay & Lesbian Marriage by Patricia A. Gozemba and Karen Kahn.

The committee’s role would be to create a day-time program about the digital history project these authors have launched and to help with advertising of the overall program.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Discuss significant diversity dates and create Diversity Committee calendar. Collaborate with Erik Bledsoe to submit calendar to UT’s Diversity and Intercultural page.

We will do one or two getting-to-know-you exercises.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes June 10, 2008

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Minutes for June 10, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Allison Roberts, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Shantrie Collins, Sandy Allen, Marielle Veve, Jeanine Williamson, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

· Sara Green opened the meeting with a reminder that we are

still looking for new members for the committee for the upcoming

year. New members will begin attending meetings the end of July or the

first of August. So far, the search for new members has not produced any applicants, so the search will continue. The deadline was to have been June 11, 2008, but due to there being no applicants, the deadline must be foregone. Peter Fernandez was mentioned as someone who might be interested, but might not be able to attend all of the meetings. Allison Roberts mentioned a potential scheduling conflict at AgVet in that there might not be enough people to cover necessary duties there if more than 1 or 2 people were members from that branch. Thura Mack suggested that we open our membership to individuals outside of the library. Mentioned were Shanner, and Crabtree from Disability Services as possibilities for new members. Jeanine Williamson will ask her. Thura Mack mentioned that Barbara Dewey could appoint someone if the committee cannot come up with new members on its own, and that the committee does not want that to happen- that it is better that we have volunteers. Allison proposed that someone from Ready For the World be asked, but Thura Mack offered that we already have a liaison with that group through Jane Row. Trisha Brady concurred that we should ask someone from the International House and the Native American Student Association whom she will ask; and Allison Roberts also proposed asking someone from the Black Culture Center as well. Thura Mack will create a draft form that can be individualized for committee members to look at for those individuals on the committee to use to contact entities from outside the library to garner interest for potential new members. Sandy Allen stated that she would stay on the committee rather than rotate off if we did not get enough new members to replace those rotating off.

·Sara Green brought up the subject of the Summer Culture Corner. All books for this project have been pulled and a poster created by Martha Rudolph has been put in place for it. We still need a poster for the Hot Topic for June/July to be created. Trisha Brady will create this. Becky Roller has the books for this and will be putting them out in call number order, as we did not create any subject divisions for this. The committee was O.K. with this. The Hot Topic books should be out by the end of the week.

· Martha Rudolph created a ‘blurb’ for the version of the “Passport” that will be given to new students in the fall concerning the Diversity Committee. She would have included a larger statement except many of the activities of the new committee have not been decided yet. Trisha Brady stated her pleasure with the ‘blurb’ through the idea that this might encourage people to attend some of the committee’s functions that would not have otherwise known about them. The committee agreed that free publicity was good, and all members present liked the ‘blurb’.

· Sara Green asked the committee if they still wanted to carry through with their previous idea of a Food Festival this summer. All members present agreed that they did, and mid-July was proposed as a good time to hold it. All agreed that Monday’s and Friday’s were unacceptable, as many people do not work on those days. Allison Roberts proposed July 17, 2008 from 12:00 until 2:00 or 2:30 for this event, and all members present agreed that this seemed to be a good day and time to hold it. It was agreed that volunteers would be needed for set up and clean up for this event. A need to put out a call for people to come and bring a culturally significant dish was agreed upon. Sara Green will ask the International House if they will host this event with us. They seem a good choice as they have a kitchen and have no rule against baking. All members present agreed that the theme was acceptable as long as it was inclusive of all culture. That would include historical family recipes as well.

· The matter of a speaker for the Summer Culture Corner was addressed. Allison Roberts agreed to contact people for this purpose. It may be a bit late to have a speaker agree to come in the near future for this project. The areas of interest that produce a speaker are Religious Studies, Art, or Medieval Studies. Allison Roberts will ‘poke around’ and see what she can find. This needs to be done as soon as possible, and Allison Roberts has agreed to address the matter tomorrow.

·The subject of a film, or films for the June/July Hot Topic was addressed. Members proposed films such as Water For Chocolate, Babette’s Feast, Soul Food, The Name of the Rose (featuring Sean Connary), Salome’s Last Dance, and Fried Green Tomatoes. All members present agreed to have an online vote to be able to include those members not present to select the movie or movies to be shown. The committee agreed that July 15, 2008 would be a good day for the film(s) to be shown, as many people will be leaving for ALA or vacation at the end of June or the beginning of July. Sandy Allen had suggested July 22, 2008, but Shantrie Collins and Damon Campbell will be gone to a conference on that date. July 16 had been suggested also, but this date would be unacceptable, as the film showing would conflict with the Web 2.0 training.


· Members present were reminded to look for people who possibly would be interested in joining the new committee!

· It was agreed that further planning details for the last of the existing committee’s events could now be handled by email.

·There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes May 15, 2008

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Minutes for May 15, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Allison Roberts, Andy Madson, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Shantrie Collins, Sandy Allen, Jeff French, Hannah Powell, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

· Sara Green opened the meeting with a reminder that it is time to start

seriously looking for new members for the committee for the upcoming

year. New members will begin attending meetings the end of July or the

first of August. Thura Mack has completed a review of past procedures

for this process. Presently, information is needed concerning those

members who will be staying next year, and those who will be rotating

off. That will allow a proper search for the correct number of new

members necessary to complete the committee again. Thura Mack

presented a working draft of the announcement for new members for

the committee to review, and to give suggestions for improvement/

correction. Sara Green also asked if anyone was interested in being co-

chair for 2008-2009 to let her or Thura know as soon as possible. After

reviewing the new member announcement draft suggestions were made

for changes by members present and it was suggested by Jeff French that

some of the committee’s past activities be included in the Call for New

Members so that anyone interested would have an idea of what activities

the Committee is involved with. (The involvement, and improvements-

such as a sign up sheet- to our procedures for the Angel Tree project

were cited as one example).

·Sara Green brought up the subject of the Summer Culture Corner. The

Committee was asked for input on proposing a meeting for interested

parties to meet to get this project started as this needs to be completed

and on the shelves by the first of June. Since several committee members

are going on the staff trip Sara Green suggested the Culture Corner

meeting be held on Monday, May 19 at 2:00. Sub-topics would be

handed out at that time. That was agreed on by all.

· Trisha Brady was asked by Sara Green to present her findings to the

Committee on possible movies she found in the Media Center collection

For our May Hot Topic-Memorial Day. Suggestions from all members

Present included: Jarhead, Pearl Harbor, M.A.S.H., Black Hawk Down,

Shenandoah, Days of Darkness (Allison Roberts stated that this movie

would be good to play during the day), Born on the 4th of July, United

93, Saving Private Ryan (Allison Roberts’s thought this movie would do

well played at night), Full Metal Jacket, Bridge Over the River Kwai, and

Glory. Sara Green suggested the movie(s) could be played on May 22,

and Jeff French suggested that 3:00 and 5:00 would be good viewing

times. Hannah Powell wanted to know what the purpose the Committee

wanted to accomplish with the films. Did we want to portray the horror

of war? Trisha Brady offered that we were commemorating the lives of

our soldiers, and Sara Green added that we were also trying to

incorporate the Committee’s goal for diversity into the choice as well.

Sara Green provided that the concept of Memorial Day, originally known

as Decoration Day, was started at the end of the American Civil War. All

members present agreed upon a screening of the film Days of Darkness

for suitability for our purpose. Hannah Powell wanted to know if these

movies were based on books, and if so that it might be a good idea for us

to purchase the books if they were not already in our collection. The film

screening was agreed upon to be held May 16 at 2:00. Trisha Brady

encouraged the Committee to scan the library catalog for more

selections. We will choose one contemporary film and one “classic” war

film. Sara Green stated that the Committee was on a time constraint and

needed a final decision about which films to show by Monday or


· The matter of the June Hot Topic was broached by Sara Green. His topic will be Foods of the World. The Committee was asked by Sara Green if they only wanted one Hot Topic for Summer? It was agreed upon by all members present that one Hot Topic was enough for Summer. The Hot Topic would be kept up through the end of July. The Committee had agreed in an earlier meeting that they wanted to conduct a food festival for this Hot Topic, and it was agreed upon at this time by all members present that the food festival should go forth, but should be held in July. This event was seen as a good way to end the summer for this Committee. Members present agreed that a June meeting should be called to plan this event. After looking at the 605 scheduling book for possible dates and times it was decided that the called meeting would be held on Tuesday, June 10 at 1:00.

·Allison Roberts announced that no one attended the April Hot Topic film showings. In a discussion she had it was suggested that if, in the future, there would be other showings for this topic, or similar ones to inform certain professors, such as Joanne Logan, and they would require their students to attend.

  1. Conclusion:

·There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes April 22, 2008

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Minutes for April 22, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Jeanine Williamson, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Shantrie Collins, Sandy Allen, Jeff French, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements:

· Sara Green opened the meeting by announcing that the International

Festival everyone had worked so hard on had gone well. Participation

was high with there being a lot of children’s groups stopping by our

table. Everybody loved the map and being able to put pins in the area

that they call ‘home’. The one problem the committee encountered was

the disappointing raffle results. There would have been participation in

the event, but there was no good way to announce the winners, so those

members working at the table eventually just gave the Moon Pies to

anyone passing by who wanted one. Even though two tries were made to

announce winners over the loudspeaker system people still could not hear

their names being called. It is suggested that this trial not be repeated

next year. All members present agreed that this was a good idea, and Jeff

French and Thura Mack concurred on the difficulty in trying to make the

raffle a success. Trisha Brady provided committee support and sang

really well at the festival.

· Sara Green offered an update on the Poster Session presentation at TLA.

Thura Mack and Sara Green, in conjunction with Michelle Brannen,

presented a poster session at TLA dealing with the committee’s

participation in this year’s pilot program with Digital Scrap booking.

TLA participants showed a lot of interest in the project and several

questions were asked. Overall, the poster session was deemed a success.

· Jeff French announced that his other committee is gearing up for the

Spirit Awards and asks that the Diversity Committee members support

their efforts by putting the word out and attending this event.

· Jeanine Williamson announced that she has been asked to run for Possum

Queen and asks for our support.

2. Discussion:

· Sara Green presented a handout to the committee taken from Google

concerning events typically honored in May in preparation for the

discussion concerning which Hot Topic the committee wants to cover

for this month. After passing the list around members put forth

suggestions. Those ran from the unique- such as No Pants Day (put out

playfully by Jeff French) to serious contenders like Memorial Day

(several members), and Depression (Jeanine Williamson) . Members

agreed to participate in an online vote among the top four contenders:

Depression, Children’s Health Issues, Memorial Day, and World Day

for Cultural Diversity for Dialog and Development. The end result will

be announced Monday, April 28th when a call for volunteers to put this

together will also occur.

· Sara Green mentioned that the committee would soon have to put out a

call for new members. She asked that the committee keep this in mind

over the next few weeks and put out the word to anyone they think might

be interested in joining. Thura Mack and Sara Green both asked that

existing members consider staying on the committee and not rotating off.

Thura Mack stated that submissions need to be confidential, and that all

applications will be forwarded to Barbara Dewey for approval, but that

Barbara almost never turns down anyone who wants to join. Sara Green

offered that last year the process took about 6 or 7 weeks. Thura Mack

and Sara Green will look at the exact process before the next meeting on

May 13 and let the committee know what needs to be done for this


· Sara Green reminded the committee of the upcoming summer Culture Corner. The preparation for a new Culture Corner is an involved and lengthy process, so members should start thinking now how the committee wants to handle this last one for the year. With the summer being a shorter period to have a Culture Corner up, usually 8 to 10 weeks, the question arises on how large do we want to make this? Several committee members will be gone for short periods at the end of June, so will limit opportunities to participate in events scheduled in support of this Culture Corner unless timed right. Trisha Brady will talk to Jeffrey Davis from the Department of Theory and Practice to be our speaker for this summer in either June or July.

· As part of the June Hot Topic event “Foods and Culture” the committee had earlier agreed they wanted to host a Cultural/Regional Food Festival for library staff and faculty. The timing for such an event was brought up at this time and Thura Mack stated that, because of having two complicated and time consuming projects due in June (the summer Culture Corner and the June Hot Topic)- if the committee had to choose just one event she would vote for just having a speaker. Jeff French asked that schedules be checked before we cancel this event.

· The question of what to do with the map from the International Festival was raised by Sara Green and it was suggested that we might put it in Reference. Thura stated that we would have to get permission and it was decided that Jane would be the person to ask for that. But, it was also suggested that we might want to display it next to the committee’s Culture Corner space. All members present liked that idea, so it was decided that the map would be placed there. Trisha Brady agreed to make tags to tell what the map was and its purpose for people to understand why it is there. After Trisha makes the tags the map will go out.

  1. Conclusion:
    1. Sara Green provided that the next meeting will be May 13, and that members will be in email contact concerning matters on planned committee events around this meeting as it is the only meeting scheduled before the summer Culture Corner and June Hot Topic will have to be completed and out.

b. There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes March 25, 2008

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Minutes for March 25, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Jeanine Williamson, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Marielle Veve, Shantrie Collins, Allison Roberts, Jane Row, Andy Madson, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

· Thura Mack started the meeting by asking members present if they had

any good news to share while we waited for the last members to arrive.

Everyone was just glad to be able to attend the meeting.

· Preliminary discussion of announcements that members wanted to share

with the committee began with Trisha Brady mentioning an event

scheduled for April 4 at 11:00a.m. in the Lindsey Young Auditorium.

Melanie McKay-Cody, a Native American sign language specialist, will

speak. Ms. McKay-Cody is working locally with professor Jeffery Davis.

Mr. Davis is currently working on a project taking films, predominantly

from the 19th century, and placing them onto current media forms with

captions for the Smithsonian Institute.

· Allison Roberts passed around the poster she created for the April topic

for our ‘Hot Topics’ shelf.

A. Allison volunteered to be in charge of the April topic- Water Rights

Around the World. This is in conjunction with Earth Day. She has created

a book list to be pulled for the shelf, and looked at available films for


B. Sara Green had sent information on a new PBS environmental series

Journey to Planet Earth’ for consideration. Jane Row told the committee

she would provide funds to purchase the series.

· Sara Green asked members if there were any other announcements before she started. She then asked if they were ready for the Student Appreciation event scheduled for the following Monday?The student award certificates have been completed and signed.

The food (Jeff French-nuts, Sara Green-mints, Damon Campbell-punch, and Shantrie Collins-cake) and utensils (Thura Mack and Marielle Veve), distribution was agreed upon with all members stating they knew what they were to bring, who was going to help with setting up the event (Jeanine Williamson, Marielle Veve, Sara Green and Allison Roberts), and who was to help clean up afterward (Trisha Brady, Sara Green, and Thura Mack).

L.E.A. will play a major role in this. They will complete the decorations with balloons. Sara Green or Thura Mack will bring flowers for decoration.

Eric Arnold from the Map Library will create the poster for this event.

The question of tablecloths was broached, and Jeanine Williamson and Marielle Veve offered to bring those.

Sara Green reported that Sandy Allen had sent word that all but 2 of the books the students had chose had been pulled and were ready for the presentation. The 2 remaining books that were needed were being looked into.

Trisha Brady is going to bring a camera and Allison Roberts will take the photographs.

· The International Festival will be held April 18 this year on the plaza next to the University Center. Sara Green has been in contact with the International House, who is handling the event, and received the initial information concerning how the Diversity Committee can be involved.

The table will cost $20.00, and Thura Mack offered to obtain the money for this.

Some committee members volunteered to bring hard candy for the table (Jeanine Williamson, Sara Green and Thura Mack). Jane Row volunteered to purchase Moon Pies for hourly drawings. Thura Mack got raffle tickets from Teresa Walker for this.

The committee discussed creating a map so people can put pins in the area where they are from.

Jeanine and Jane will work on International News handouts for our table. Martha Rudolph is busy, but may have templates the committee can use.

Trisha Brady will contact Greg March to see if he can print a huge map for the committee to use for this event. Becky Roller will send the committee pictures from last year’s event to allow the committee to view the map they used then.

Sara Green will send a reminder out after final confirmation comes from the International House and the table is reserved for volunteers to cover different time periods during the event.


Reference may have ‘Ask Me Now’ bookmarks we can use.

Trisha Brady can get coasters and pads that advertise the Commons and Media Center.

There may be t-shirts we can get from the Commons.

The poster display will be mounted on a foam board and will advertise the

library Diversity Committee.

We will invite people outside the committee to volunteer to help with the committee’s International Festival table. There will be at least 2 people for each time period working at the table throughout the festival. We will devise the work schedule for the table based on the number of people who volunteer.

· The proposed calendar events were brought up by Sara Green. Events

scheduled in March have almost completely been accomplished, and

events in April have been confirmed.

Allison Roberts has created book and film lists in conjunction with Earth

Day, and will oversee the process of coordinating that Hot Topic.

We still need to pick a topic for May.

It was agreed upon by the committee to use the topic ‘Religions of the World’ for the summer Culture Corner. In conjunction with this topic Allison Roberts suggested asking Bill Dewey, an expert on Art History, to be our last ‘Let’s Talk About It’ speaker. The committee agreed to look into all possibilities before making a decision. A vote determining if we want a speaker for this topic will be held at our next meeting. This has been discussed in that, if the committee decides to hold its own Cultural Food Fest to highlight different areas of the country/world in combination with the religions of the country/world; that the committee would not have to feel obligated to host a speaker for the event.

It was agreed upon that, because of TLA, other conferences and the Staff Trip, that the committee agenda would be held to a minimum in April and May. Besides the Hot Topic for those months the committee will be involved only with the International Festival in April, and will only promote/co-host the Staff Development trip in May.

Our committee meeting in May will be an important one as it will be a call for new members. Also, Thura Mack and Sara Green (co-chairs) will be rotating off the committee this summer and it is hoped that a volunteer, or volunteers will come forward to fill the void they will leave.

The committee agreed to finalize all events they will host/produce in the waning days of this committee year at the next meeting.

  1. Conclusion:
    1. The Committee was asked to continue considering topics/events/films for the last few months of this committee’s fiscal year for our next meeting.

b. There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes March 4, 2008

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Minutes for March 4, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

  1. Announcements

· Sara reported that the Pearl Fryer program was a big success. It was estimated that 50 people attended. Kudos to Allison for getting our committee involved. Kudos to Sara, Shantrie, and Damon for attending and helping out. Allison mentioned that a video of the event may be available soon.

· Rita Geier’s “Let’s Talk About It” was an excellent presentation. There were approximately 15 people attended.

    1. Student Appreciation event update- Thura reported that the invitations will go out today, the certificates will get completed and routed to Barbara and Sara for signatures ASAP. The date of the Student Appreciation program is March 31st from 2-4. Barbara will present certificates at 2:30. It was confirmed that we will have cake, punch, and peanuts. Thura volunteered to get napkins, cups and forks.
    2. Spring Culture Corner update- Sara reported that the Culture Corner is well on the way. Sandy is helping to order the books and make sure they get processed and sent to the Culture Corner as they arrive in the library. Martha Rudolph has been making signs for us, and Becky Roller has been checking out the books for the Culture Corner, and the Student Appreciation Event.
  1. Discussion:
    1. Film for Women’s History Month- Sara facilitated the rankings of the films for Women’s History Month. The film Iron-jaw Angels is the first choice for the movie. It was decided by the committee March 27th is the day we will show the films. The films will be shown all day. Someone from the committee will check periodically to make sure the film is showing without technical difficulty. It was suggested to try and schedule the film around the time students are getting out of class.
    2. Student Appreciation event- everything is on track to hold this event.
    3. Speaker from outside the library- Wayne Winkler’s presentation has been changed to the Mary E Greer Room. The administration needed to use room 605.
    4. Topics/events from the proposed calendar- Topics for the monthly Book Shelf were discussed here. These topics include Holocaust, The Lost Caravan, and Environmental Trends including water shortage. The committee was reminded to make sure our topics were Diversity related. Sara asked for volunteers to help with the monthly Book Shelf for Hot Topics. Allison agreed to do a Book Shelf topic for April.
    5. Begin discussion on our participation in the International Festival- This event is on April 18th. Sara is working with the International House to receive details for the event. There may be a $20 charge for our table. The committee plans to ask Barbara for the money. Some committee members volunteered to bring hard candy for the table (Jeanine, Sara and Thura). Jayne Row volunteered to purchase Moon Pies for occasional drawings. The committee discussed creating a map so people can put pins in the area where they are from. Jeanine and Jayne will work on International News handouts for our table. More discussion on this at our next meeting.
    6. Suggestions for events for April and May were asked for, and Sara Green offered that the Committee had been approached in the past by Sarah Surak from the Facilities Services Department to include an environmental theme during Earth Month (April) that the committee is now considering.
  2. Conclusion:
    1. The Committee was asked to consider topics/events/films for the last few months of this committee’s fiscal year for our next meeting.

b. There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 18, 2008

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Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes

Room 605- 3:00 p.m.- February 19, 2008

  1. Meeting convened by Sara Green.
  2. All members attending:

Marielle Veve, Shantrie Collins, Damon Campbell, Jeanine Williamson, and

Sara Green

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

Sara Green updated the committee on the Student Appreciation Event by passing around a copy of the revised certificate to be handed out to students. Thura Mack had completed the revision for approval at this meeting last Friday. Sara also informed the committee that only slightly over ½ of the students involved had responded with their book choices. Jeanine Williamson suggested that the committee pick a selection for those students and not try to force them to respond, and Damon Campbell asked if such selections could be based on a student’s major? Shantrie Collins offered to try to individually contact those students who do not respond by March 1 to get a book title preference to be honored with. Picking a book for students will be a last resort.

    1. Sara Green updated the committee on the spring Culture Corner. Most of the books the library has on the subject have already been pulled, but a few books that were on other lists taken from other local libraries and Amazon that were not thought to be here were found to be in our catalog, so will be pulled and included. Also, books that we do not have are being rush ordered and will be included in the display as soon as they arrive and have been placed in the catalog. The Native American display has been taken down and the shelves are ready to have our African American monthly topic books put there. Marielle Veve mentioned that Martha Rudolph is not making posters for anyone other than the library for the time being because of being short staffed. Sara Green had received a draft of a poster that could be used for this Culture Corner with very little modification, so will make the small changes necessary and see about having this put in the display case. Trisha Brady has submitted rough drafts for 2 posters that could be used for the African American History Month section of the Culture Corner. Becky Roller had suggested that, because our Culture Corner selection was so limited, that we shelve them by call number only, and not try to incorporate categories. Those committee members present agreed that was a good idea.
    2. The topics for the monthly topics bookshelves have been chosen for February (African American History Month), and March (Women’s History Month); but other topics need to be chosen for the completion of this semester. In an email from the public relations representative for the Facilities Services Department, Sarah Surak, forwarded an email exchange she had with Laura Purcell last year asking if the committee could have an environmental/earth theme for April, which is Earth Month. Also discussed was the possibility that this topic could lead into the proposed May topic of ‘Food Of The World’, which would lead into the summer Culture Corner topic, ‘Religions of the World’. Members present agreed to an online vote of issues concerning the Culture Corner and monthly topics.
    3. A reminder of the Committee’s Let’s Talk About It speakers was given by Sara Green. Rita Geier will speak March 4 at 11:00 and Wayne Winkler will speak March 11 at 11:00. The committee discussed whether or not to promote these speakers outside of the library or only within. It was felt that there would be enough library support for Rita Geier that we wouldn’t need to look outside the library for attendees, but Wayne Winkler would be O.K. to advertise for.
    4. African American Month events were discussed and it was agreed that Shantrie’s film idea, African American Lives was a good choice, even if long. Other events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Committee are the Pearl Fryer film viewing and lecture and our monthly topics shelf.
    5. Sara Green has a list of films created last year for Women’s History month. It will be included with the newsletter to let the committee vote through email which film will be shown for this event.
    6. Thura and Sara will be gone to TLA April 9-11.
    7. There was discussion concerning placing all of the food related events into the month of May.
    8. Discussion concerning the International Festival highlighted the need for volunteers to man our table. This event is on a Friday, so members may want to keep that in mind.
    9. The staff trip was mentioned as major event for May. Will call for new members at this time also, but need to find out how many new members will be needed.
    10. The possibility for a Summer Talk-About It was mentioned with thought that we would discuss this further as the time came closer.

4. The meeting adjourned.