Committee Members 2011 – 2012

Diversity Committee Members 2011-2012

Thura Mack – Diversity Co-chair and Coordinator, Community Learning Services
Marva Rudolph – Director, Office of Equity & Diversity
Anne Hulse – Coordinator, Center for International Education
Matt Jordan – Library Supervisor, Music Library
Elizabeth Campbell Young – Library Associate, Preservationist
Michelle Brannen – Manager, Studio Hodges Library
Allison Bolorizadeh – Assistant Professor in Integrated User Services
Annazette Houston – Diversity ex-officio, Director, UT Disability Services
Laurie Roberson –Diversity ex-officio, Director of Student Services in the school of architecture and design.
Jerry Roberson – Diversity ex-officio, Professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine and adviser to the Native American Student Organization.