Digital Initiatives Staff

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Name  Phone # (865) Call for help with Email
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Agreda, Joseph 974-2873 Streaming media servers, ActiveCollab, and Digital Signage  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Baggett, Mark 974-2923 Digital Collections Supervisor, Primo Administration, DOTS Administration, StackMap, Calendaring, LibraryH3lp (Chat & SMS questions)  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Bidwell, Troy 974-2884 Printers, Copiers, Scanners, and basic computer support  Lookup
Paul Cummins Cummins, Paul  974-0395 Digital Collections Programming, PHP/MySQL, and Linux system development  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Deane, Cricket 974-6516 Digital Collections Programming  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Dyson-Smith, Bridger 974-0012 Digital Collections Programming, Text Encoding, XML flotsam and jetsam  Lookup
Dan Greene Greene, Dan 974-6890 Website, Web Development, WordPress, Sharepoint, and Web Analytics  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Hanson, John 974-9981 Email, Software issues, and advanced computer support  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Kitzman, Connie 974-2874 Desktop Support supervisor: Technology ordering, Computer upgrades, Virus/Malware assistance, and general technology questions  Lookup
staff-directory-place-holder-trans Patrick, Emily H 974-2875 Backup Servers, Virtual Servers, MetaArchive  Lookup
David Ratledge   Ratledge, David     974-2871 Department Head  Lookup