What am I searching?


What  Am I Searching?

One Search finds items from UT Collections as well as many other electronic resources, including journal and newspaper articles, book chapters, books, reviews, legal documents, and much more. This search includes content from many, though not all, of the individual databases provided by the UT Libraries.

Is One Search right for me?

One Search is a great tool for searching multiple library resources from one interface. You can learn about how to search it in our tutorial.

Use One Search if you:

  • are looking for a specific title, whether an article or a book,
  • want a combination of books, articles, ebooks, etc. on a topic,
  • are just starting your research.

However if you:

Choose UT Collections if you'relooking for physical materials (e.g. books, DVDs, CDs) located in the UT Libraries or digital items specific to UT (e.g. UT dissertations, UT archival materials, etc.).

Don't know what you want or where to start? Then ask a librarian for advice and help.

More About One Search

  • One Search does NOT search all library databases. For example, Web of Science results are included in One Search, but many of our digital newspaper collections are not.
  • When you are off campus, sign in to One Search to see a more comprehensive list of results, including sources from Web of Science, Scopus, GeoRef and ARTstor.
  • For further assistance in your particular field or discipline, please contact your subject librarian.

Thanks to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University Library for much of the information and phrasing used on this page.