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Off-Campus Proxy Bookmarklet

The proxy bookmarklet helps you access UT Libraries’ subscriptions from anywhere on the web without having to navigate through the UT Libraries’ web site.

UT Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet


Chrome: Drag the lock icon above to the Bookmarks Bar (Bar must be visible).

Firefox: Drag the lock icon above to the bookmarks toolbar.

Internet Explorer: Right-click the icon, and add to favorites.

iPad: Go to Settings > Safari, and select Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Bookmark any page, and add it to the Bookmarks Bar. Edit the bookmark by giving it whatever name you desire and pasting the following code in the url:


Safari: Drag the icon to the bookmarks toolbar.


Create a bookmark with this code as the url:


Why didn’t the bookmarklet work?

The bookmarklet may not work for the following reasons:

  1. UT Libraries may not subscribe to the journal or resource. Check the ejournals list and catalog.
  2. UT Libraries may have the content through a different doorway. Again, check the ejournals list and catalog.
  3. The resource is free and does not require authentication.

Contact us if you have any problems.

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