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Media & Numeric

- Datasets 

China Census Datasets   About China Census Datasets  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of zipped census datasets (spreadsheets and/or shapefiles).

China Data Online   About China Data Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of statistics about China.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets   About Data-Planet Statistical Datasets  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A very large dynamic repository with the ability to ingest massive amounts of statistical data combined with descriptive content and a robust suite of visualization, search, and analysis capabilities on a single platform. Includes 90+ billion data points, 2+ billion time series, ~5000 datasets, 16 major subject categories. For more information go to: Data-Planet Datasets and Sources and DataSheets!

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference   About Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Designed for quick statistical lookups with the ease of a simple search box. It includes quick views and thumbnails of the data, full descriptions and citations, and DOI links to DataSheets!

ICMA Datasets   About ICMA Datasets  UTK Users (w/NetID)
ICMA provides customized data sets from their surveys for various years in certain subjects. Survey data is provided for County and Municipal forms of government.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)   About Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)  UTK Users (w/NetID)
World's largest archive of political and social research data.

International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) : Table 3B Political Stability Data 1984-2011   About International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) : Table 3B Political Stability Data  UTK Users (w/NetID)
This ICRG file provides political risk ratings for 140 countries.

International Terrorism : Attributes of Terrorist Events : ITERATE 1968-2010   About International Terrorism : Attributes of Terrorist Events : ITERATE  UTK Users (w/NetID)
ITERATE covers the genesis of contemporary international terrorism. The Excel file covers coding of the incidents for 1968 through 2010. It combines a family of four distinct but interrelated files which count the most salient components of international terrorism: Common File 1968-2010, Hostage File 1978-2005, Fate File 1978-1991, Skyjack File 1978-1991. Documentation is available in the ITERATE Codebook.

LandScan Global Population Database and Archive (East View Geospatial) WebApp 2000--Current   About LandScan Global Population Database and Archive (East View Geospatial) WebApp  UTK Users (w/NetID)
The LandScan Global Population Database, developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, represents the finest resolution global population distribution database available. Offering the most accurate (one-kilometer resolution over an average 24 hour period) and reliable, geographically based, population distribution model, LandScan is a useful application in research, educational, humanitarian and corporate settings. The LandScan Global Archive includes all of the historical datasets of the LandScan Global Population Database back to the year 2000.

LandScan Datasets (global coverage by year) for GIS software use 2000-Current

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research 1935+   About Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  UTK Users (w/NetID)
An extensive archive of public opinion information, providing access to the iPOLL database, a database of 500,000 questions and answers asked in the U.S. since 1935, and access to the datasets of survey results through RoperExpress. This link connects you to the iPOLL database. To search the Datasets Collection, click on the Datasets link at the top of the iPOLL page.

Social Explorer   About Social Explorer  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Social Explorer provides quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information. Users can create maps and reports to better illustrate, analyze and understand demography and social change. For information about the new beta-site, go to

Limited to 5 simultaneous users. When you are finished please click Sign-Out.

Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL)   About Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL)  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Library of data files from eight topically-based health and social science collections.

U.S. Foreign Trade Data   About U.S. Foreign Trade Data  UTK Users (w/NetID)

UNdata 1948+   About UNdata  All Users
Broad data coverage from various international and national sources. Includes the content that was in the United Nations Common Database, which has been discontinued.

World Bank Data   About World Bank Data  All Users
Contains World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, and additional statistical data files from the World Bank.

also see:

COMPUSTAT Last 20+ years   About COMPUSTAT  On Campus Only
Datafiles containing annual and quarterly financial statistics for publicly traded companies. Available through Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS).

Simmons OneView 2005 - 2012   About Simmons OneView  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Simmons OneView (formerly Simmons Choices3) provides access to U.S. consumer statistics on product usage, spending behavior, media habits and more. This database can be used to create customized reports analyzing the demographics and users' psychographic characteristics of product usage. The data is generated from the Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS), which does sampling U.S. population several times a year.

For help in using, see this UT Libraries Research Guide .

Access limited to 11 concurrent users.

OneView will log out after 2 hours of inactivity. This an across the board restriction and does not have a user preference.

** The UT Library is currently experiencing off-campus access problems with Simmons Oneview. Until this problem is resolved, please use VPN for remote access **

SimplyMap   About SimplyMap  UTK Users (w/NetID)
SimplyMap is a database with web-based mapping application that lets users create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data. Includes access to Nielsen Claritas PRIZM data. Use the Guest Login if you do not have an account.

Limited to 3 simultaneous users.

Wharton Research Data Services   About Wharton Research Data Services  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Access to Audit Analytics, Board Analyst, Standard & Poor's COMPUSTAT, Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), and Trade and Quote (TAQ) databases.

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