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Reference Resources

- Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Handbooks 

Chicago Manual of Style   About Chicago Manual of Style  UTK Users (w/NetID)

Credo Reference (Academic Core)   About Credo Reference  (Academic Core)  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of subject encyclopedias and handbooks that serves as great source of background information on a variety of topics.

Dictionary of American Regional English   About Dictionary of American Regional English  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Dictionary that focuses on the regional aspects of our language, documenting words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary from one place to another. It contains all the original maps from the volumes. You may also browse by region with an interactive map and create your own maps using the DARE survey data. It also enables you to hear clips from over 4,000 audio recordings.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online   About Encyclopaedia Britannica Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia   About Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia  UTK Users (w/NetID)
This database provides over 25,000 encyclopedic entries covering a variety of subject areas.

Gale Virtual Reference (UT Libraries)   About Gale Virtual Reference (UT Libraries)  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of reference e-books available through the University of Tennessee Library. Click on Title List, and select the highlighted title. Logout when finished.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)   About Oxford English Dictionary (OED)  UTK Users (w/NetID)
OED is the pre-eminent historical dictionary of the English language. Select "Enter OED Online" to begin searching.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online   About Oxford Language Dictionaries Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Bilingual dictionaries in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Italian.

Oxford Reference Online   About Oxford Reference Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Online access to over 100 dictionaries and reference resources. Limited to 5 sim. users. Please LOG OFF when leaving site.

Sage Reference Online   About Sage Reference Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of subject encyclopedias and handbooks useful for finding background information on a wide variety of topics in the social sciences.

World Book Online   About World Book Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A general encyclopedia. One of the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL)databases.

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APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2011   About APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology  UTK Users (w/NetID)   About  All Users
An online collection of digital reference books, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Includes such classics as Strunk's Elements of Style and Frazer's Golden Bough.

Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online   About Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A database of names, descriptions, and characteristics of over 165,000 places in the world.

Comprehensive Shakespeare Dictionary   About Comprehensive Shakespeare Dictionary  In Library
Facts about characters, plots, language, and quotations in the works of Shakespeare. Requires Internet Explorer browser.

Dictionary of Old English A to G online (DOEonline) 600-1150 A.D.   About Dictionary of Old English A to G online (DOEonline)  UTK Users (w/NetID)

Dictionary of Old English Corpus   About Dictionary of Old English Corpus  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Database consists of at least one copy of every surviving Old English text; in some cases, more than one copy is included, if it is significant because of dialect or date.

e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis   About e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A database of around 50,000 reactions and around 3250 of the most frequently consulted reagents used in organic synthesis. Searchable by structure and substructure, reagent, reaction type, experimental conditions etc.

Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition   About Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Topics cover distinguished Muslims of every age and land, tribes and dynasties, the crafts and sciences, political and religious institutions, the geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of the various countries and the history, topography and monuments of the major towns and cities.

Encyclopaedia of Islam, Third Edition   About Encyclopaedia of Islam, Third Edition  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Presents the present state of our knowledge of the Islamic World.

Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an   About Encyclopaedia of the Qur`an  UTK Users (w/NetID)
An encyclopedic dictionary of quranic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on the most important themes and subjects within quranic studies. Click Sign out when finished.

Encyclopedia of Cell Technology   About Encyclopedia of Cell Technology  UTK Users (w/NetID)
The Encyclopedia of Cell Technology provides complete coverage of all aspects of both animal and plant cultures. Coverage includes ethical and regulatory issues; the basic science of cells and cell culture; techniques and equipment used in growing cultures and harvesting product; product development and classification; licensing and patenting, as well as the history of cell technology.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences   About Encyclopedia of Life Sciences  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Concentrates primarily on the molecular and cellular life sciences, including biochemical topics, methods and techniques. Applied areas of science are also included on a selective basis, as are biographies and general interest articles on ethics and the history of science.

Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology   About Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology  UTK Users (w/NetID)
The Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology is derived from the four volume print work containing nearly 1,000 articles covering a wide variety of disciplines including genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, oncology, and infectious disease.

Encyclopedia of Popular Music 1900-   About Encyclopedia of Popular Music  UTK Users (w/NetID)
This is the Fourth Edition of the Encyclopedia of Popular Music. It covers popular music of all genres and periods from 1900 to the present day, including jazz, country, folk, rap, reggae, techno, musicals, and world music, the Encyclopedia also offers thousands of additional entries covering popular music genres, trends, styles, record labels, venues, and music festivals.

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism   About Encyclopedia of Race and Racism  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Examines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era.

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender   About Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Addresses issues of sex and gender at the personal and the social level; examines issues of identity, status, class, ethnicity, race, and nation; of sexuality and the body; of social institutions and the structures of representation.

Europa World Plus   About Europa World Plus  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Provides political and economic information on countries and territories around the world. Please LOGOUT when finished.

Limited to 4 simultaneous users.

Gale Directory Library   About Gale Directory Library  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Online cross-searchable compendium to: Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers; Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations; Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State, & Local Organizations; Gale Directory of Databases; Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media; Information Industry Directory; National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations; and Market Share Reporter.

To search individual title, select Advanced search and highlight desired title.

Functionality works best in Internet Explorer. Click GO button to move between search pages.

When exiting, Click on Logout.

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online   About Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
This is a multi-volume encyclopedia about music all over the world.

Grove Dictionary of Art Online   About Grove Dictionary of Art Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Covers all visual arts worldwide from prehistoric times to present day. Over 45,000 signed articles with access to over 130,000 images. Provides access to an additional 100,000 images through the Bridgeman Art Library collection.

Grove Encyclopedia of American Art   About Grove Encyclopedia of American Art  UTK Users (w/NetID)

Grove Music Online   About Grove Music Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Comprises the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2001), The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (1992), and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2002).

International Directory of Company Histories   About International Directory of Company Histories   UTK Users (w/NetID)
Covers large corporations, both public and private, U.S. and international. Please Click "Log Out" to end your session.

Oxford Art Online   About Oxford Art Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Content includes: Grove Art Online, Benezit Dictionary of Artists, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms. Grove Art Online offers over 6,000 images. Browse or search biographies, different types of art and art forms, geographical areas, categories of people (e.g., artists, collectors, patrons), styles and cultures (e.g., Cubism, Jewish, Buddhist), time periods, and themes and subjects (e.g., landscape, still life, portrait).

Oxford Bibliographies   About Oxford Bibliographies  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Developed cooperatively with scholars worldwide, Oxford Bibliographies offers exclusive, authoritative research guides. Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this resource guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects.

Please click Sign Out at bottom of page when finished.

Oxford Music Online   About Oxford Music Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
The home of Grove Music Online and the access point for new and forthcoming Oxford music reference subscriptions and products. The University of Tennessee Library subscribes to: Encyclopedia of Popular Music; The Oxford Dictionary of Music; Grove Music Online; and The Oxford Companion to Music.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy   About Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Full-text online edition of the 10-volume print work, with regular updates and additions.

Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture   About Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture  All Users
A fully searchable version of the print edition, originally published in 1998. Features updates to existing entries, new entries and over 500 additional images, plus audio and video files.

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