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- Video Collections 

Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press)   About Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press)  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Combines the following electronic resources into a single interface: American History in Video, Counseling and Therapy in Video, Ethnography in Video, Opera in Video, and Theatre in Video.

Checkerboard Collection   About Checkerboard Collection  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of streaming videos that cover architectural history, styles, and buildings.

Criterion On Demand USA   About Criterion On Demand USA  UTK Users (w/NetID)

Films On Demand: Digital Education Video -- Master Academic Collection   About Films On Demand: Digital Education Video -- Master Academic Collection  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Films On Demand: Master Academic Collection, a collection of over 11,000 educational streaming videos in the Humanities and Sciences. Sources include Films Media Group, PBS, Nova, National Geographic, and many others.

Ideas Roadshow   About Ideas Roadshow  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Ideas Roadshow is a new multimedia venture that produces videos and eBooks of detailed conversations with some of the most knowledgeable and original thinkers throughout the arts and sciences.

Kanopy   About Kanopy   UTK Users (w/NetID)

Media Education Foundation   About Media Education Foundation   UTK Users (w/NetID)
Media Education Foundation Digital complete collection is hosted by Kanopy Streaming web interface.

Michael Blackwood Collection of Architecture and Structural Engineering   About Michael Blackwood Collection of Architecture and Structural Engineering  UTK Users (w/NetID)
A collection of streaming videos that cover architectural concepts, famous architects, and structural design concepts with emphasis on current developments in the field.

New Day Digital   About New Day Digital  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Growing video streamed collection of independantly produced Social-Issue documentaries.

New Librarianship   About New Librarianship  UTK Users (w/NetID)

Residence Life Cinema   About Residence Life Cinema  On Campus Only
Watch a monthly selected group of newly released and classic feature films anywhere on campus by streaming them to your computer. Note: This link is only available on campus.

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American History in Video 1492-2000   About American History in Video  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Online collection of video documenting events in American history.

Counseling and Therapy in Video   About Counseling and Therapy in Video  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Provides a large online collection of video for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling.

Education in Video   About Education in Video  UTK Users (w/NetID)
An online collection of streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. Education in Video can be searched with other discipline-specific video collections via Academic Video Online.

Ethnographic Video Online   About Ethnographic Video Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
This streaming video collection provides the largest, most comprehensive resource for the study of human culture and behavior. It covers every region of the world and features the work of many influential documentary filmmakers of the 20th century, including interviews, previously unreleased raw footage, field notes, study guides, and more. The collection's wealth of video and multiplicity of perspectives allow students and scholars to see, experience, and study the films in ways never before possible.

Opera in Video   About Opera in Video  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Opera in Video is a streaming video database that will contain 250 of the most important opera performances, captured on video through staged productions, interviews, and documentaries.

Popular Culture in Britain & America, 1950-1975: Rock and Roll Counterculture, Peace and Protest   About Popular Culture in Britain & America, 1950-1975: Rock and Roll Counterculture, Peace and Protest   UTK Users (w/NetID)
Explores the dynamic period of social, political and cultural change between 1950 and 1975 in Britain and the U.S. Full-text of documents, images, and video.

Silent Film Online   About Silent Film Online  UTK Users (w/NetID)
Silent Film Online contains 250 streaming online titles and will more than double in size by completion. Together, these films represent the foundation of modern cinematic technique and film theory. Carefully curated by Alexander Street’s editors and Video Advisory Board, the collection covers silent feature films, serials, and shorts from the 1890s to the 1930s. It includes the most complete, authoritative versions of the highest quality from leading distributors.

Theatre in Video 1930-   About Theatre in Video  UTK Users (w/NetID)
From the most important productions of Shakespeare to rare in-depth footage focusing on the work of Samuel Beckett, Theatre in Video, when complete, will offer more than 500 hours of online streaming video, available electronically for the first time. With live television broadcasts of New York productions from the 50s, revivals of classic works and experimental performances from the 60s and 70s, as well as important contemporary performances, Theatre in Video covers a wide range of 20th century theatre history. Unlike Hollywood adaptations, these are the actual original productions, captured and recorded while performed for a live theatre audience.

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