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Information About: Archives Unbound

Dates: 1907-1984

Description: Collections include: "Through the Camera Lens:" The Moving Picture World and the Silent Cinema Era, 1907-1927 "We Were Prepared for the Possibility of Death:" Freedom Riders in the South, 1961 Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League Civil War Service Reports of Union Army Generals Confederate Newspapers: A Collection from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Alabama Federal Surveillance of African Americans, 1920-1984 Fight for Racial Justice and the Civil Rights Congress James Meredith, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Integration of the University of Mississippi Literature, Culture and Society in Depression Era America: Archives of the Federal Writers’ Project Mountain People: Life and Culture in Appalachia Price Control in the Courts: The U.S. Emergency Court of Appeals, 1941-1961 The Civil War in Words and Deeds The Republic of New Afrika The Southern Literary Messenger: Literature of the Old South The War Department and Indian Affairs, 1800-1824

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