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Information About: Mental Measurements Yearbook

Dates: 1985+

Subjects: educational/psychological tests

Description: Mental Measurements Yearbook, from the Buros Institute, contains descriptive information and critical reviews of more than 2,000 commercially-available, standardized English-language educational, personality, aptitude, neuropsychological, achievement and intelligence tests. Each entry includes test name and classification; author(s); publisher, publication date; price; time requirements; existence of validity and reliability data; score descriptions; levels; and intended populations. The Mental Measurements Yearbook database contains the text of the 9th through 17th Yearbooks, and is updated every six months to ensure timely access to current information. A valuable resource for academic and professional libraries, the Yearbook provides a convenient tool for educators, counselors, psychologists, personnel directors, lawyers, and medical professionals to locate and evaluate testing instruments.

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