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Information About: Latino Literature

Subjects: Literature;

Description: Latino Literature is the most comprehensive collection yet created for students and scholars. Still ongoing, the project has collected 105,598 pages of fiction and poetry representing Chicano culture and the various ethnicities of Latin American writers working in the United States. Currently comprising 380 plays, the drama section will include over 450 plays when complete. Although the collection includes materials from the 19th century, the vast majority of works are from the period spanning the Chicano Renaissance to the present day and are presented in their original language, English or Spanish. In cases where authors produced a version of a text in each language, both versions are included. Roughly 30% of the database is made up of previously unpublished or rare materials from various sources. The three major groups are represented-Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans--as well as Argentineans, Dominicans, and other Central and South Americans. Through their writings the authors included in the collection represent different immigration experiences, their efforts to adapt to a new culture and language without losing their own, and the struggle to pursue social, political, and economic advancement. To illustrate and give additional information about the works, supplementary resources, such as playbills and performance material, poetry readings, book presentation flyers, book covers, and photographs have been gathered. Among other precious material are four recordings of theatrical performances from the early 1980s, over 500 photographs documenting Hispanic Theater activities from its beginning to the present, and hundreds of pages of Chicano folklore.

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