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Information About: Fish, fisheries, & aquatic biodiversity worldwide (FFAB)

Dates: 1971+

Subjects: fish culture, fisheries, ichthyology, aquaculture

Description: Fish, Fisheries & Aquatic Biodiversity Worldwide combines databases on all facets of ichthyology, fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic biology. With excellent world coverage, this database includes research on aquaculture species ranging from culture and propagation to genetics, behavior, ecology and habitat. With over 1,150,000 citations and abstracts dating back to the 1970s, this resource is essential for those dealing with all aspects of fish and aquatic biology.

All aspects of ichthyology, fisheries, and related aspects of aquaculture are covered.
Major topics include: culture and propagation, limnology and oceanography, genetics and behavior, natural history, parasites, diseases, habitat management, fish processing/marketing, general research, and fisheries management.

Extensive keyword indexing permits very flexible subject searching; taxonomic and geographic identifiers are especially useful. Geographic identifiers include global, broad regional, and specific localities. You can search by species in a province, state, county, or in a community, park, lake, or stream.

Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

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