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Information About: Art and Architecture Thesaurus

Subjects: art

Description: The AAT is a comprehensive controlled vocabulary of nearly 125,000 terms for describing objects, textural materials, images, architecture and material culture from antiquity to the present. Many of the terms refer to objects of significance in the discussion and analysis of cultural history, encompassing the natural and built environments, furnishings and equipment, and artifacts of visual and verbal communication. Although its focus is on the Western world, the AAT's scope extends to other cultures.

The AAT provides not only the terminology for objects, but the vocabulary necessary to describe them. This supporting terminology includes the materials and techniques relating to their construction and conservation (such as deacidification), their physical attributes (such as shape and color), terminology associated with their production and study (such as the roles of persons), vocabulary indicating their style or period, and concepts relating to their history, theory, criticism, and purpose.

Art & Architecture

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