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Information About: CAB Abstracts

Dates: 1910+

Updates: Quarterly

Subjects: agriculture, veterinary medicine, animal science, forestry, entomology, horticulture, nutrition, physiology

Description: Note: British spellings are preferred in CAB ABSTRACTS. Therefore, search results could be significantly lower if only American spellings of words are used. For comprehensive retrieval, use all alternative spellings. See examples and tips below.

The Thesaurus, which can be used by clicking on Thesaurus button on the top row of command buttons, will direct you from American to British spellings.

(Maximum of 4 simultaneous users)

If you'd like help:

  1. Contact a reference librarian (865.974.7338 is the main number for the AG-VET MED Library, UT Knoxville)
  2. Click on the Help button in CAB ABSTRACTS, top right, then click on on Database Thesaurus.

1) To get all the articles on anesthesia search for anesth* or anaesth* (the * is used here for truncation to get singular or plural)

3) Tips on common spelling variants (from the Help in CAB ABSTRACTS):


edema oedema
estrus oestrus
hemoglobin haemoglobin
etiology aetiology
anemia anaemia
cecum caecum
celiac coeliac
diarrhea diarrhoea
feces faeces

Nouns ending in -or, -our

behavior behaviour
color colour
labor labour

There is a Veterinary Tutorial for CAB from Purdue.

Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine
Health Sciences
Veterinary Medicine

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