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Information About: Food Science & Technology Abstracts

Dates: 1969+

Updates: Quarterly

Subjects: food, nutrition


Food Science and Technology Abstracts, or FSTA, indexes many types of publications on topics related to food science, food technology, and human nutrition, including basic food science, biotechnology, toxicology, packaging, and engineering. The database is produced by the International Food Information Service (IFIS).
Abstracts and complete bibliographic details are provided. Roughly 1800 publications in over 40 languages are indexed; these include journals, reviews, standards, legislation, patents, books, theses, and conference proceedings.

Important features:

  • British Spelling & Terminology: Be sure to use both British and American spelling because many descriptor terms are spelled the British way (yoghurt, colour, flavour, etc.). British terms for food vocabulary are used.
  • Index function: especially useful for searching by author and for identifying names of journals indexed by FSTA.

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