Current Assessment Projects and Planning

Assessment Plan FY2014

Survey and Data Reporting Timeline 2013

Assessment Activites

Culture of Assessment

An important goal of our assessment plan is to create a culture of assessment throughout the Libraries. Training all staff in the library to understand what assessment is and how to do it, and providing them with the tools to do it will empower staff to do their own assessment, large or small, to improve their own efforts and those of their department. Since assessment skills are also research skills, this will also facilitate research throughout the Libraries. In addition to regular trainings (which will themselves be assessed for effectiveness and relevance), a research/assessment skills inventory of all library staff will help focus what training would be beneficial, as well as identify potential team members to work on assessment projects or conduct trainings themselves, and also help staff connect to work on projects together.

Planned Projects

On-going and planned assessment projects for FY13-14 are listed below. Other projects/activities may be implemented as need/time allows.

LibQUAL+ Lite Survey

LibQUAL+ Lite is an internationally known survey administered by ARL that measures service quality perception among library users. The survey was deployed at UTK Libraries in the spring of 2013.

Multiple Workshop Library Instruction Study

Originating out of the IMLS funded Lib-Value Study, this study examines the impact of multiple library instruction workshops on an at-risk student population. Data collection began in summer 2012 and continued in summer 2013.

Instructor Focus Groups

Focus groups with adjunct instructors examining how the Libraries support their teaching began in summer 2013.

ARL Annual Survey

Collecting and reporting data for the ARL Annual Survey requires coordinating efforts among numerous UTK Libraries’ staff, as well as four partner libraries. The stats reported to this survey are used in multiple ways throughout the year.

Data Inventory

An inventory of currently collected assessment related data began in summer 2013 as a first step in drafting an assessment data management plan.

Website Usability Study

A usability study of the Libraries’ newly re-designed homepage will begin in fall 2013.

Disability Services Assessment

An audit of the Libraries’ disability services and accommodations will be conducted with the guidance of the Office of Disability Services. This may include focus groups.

In-Library User Survey

This survey will be conducted at Hodges and all branch libraries in spring of 2014. It allows us to determine how to deploy resources, based on users actual use of library facilities.

Management Data & Statistics

To support fact-based decisions, it is important to have accessible and accurate management data. Additionally, the Libraries are required to report statistics to various external organizations. Data and statistics gathering and reporting is a continual process. Supplying the Dean and others in the library with needed data for decision making and planning is also a part of this process and an important activity of the assessment program.