Grant Team

Anne Bridges, Principal Investigator
Humanities Reference Librarian, Hodges Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Co-Director of the Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project Bibliographer, Great Smoky Mountains Regional Collection.
Ken Wise, Principal Investigator
Library Business Manager, Hodges Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Co-Director of the Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project.
Steve Davis, Research Coordinator
Steve recently completed an M.A. in United States History at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is in charge of selecting items for digitization, providing historical context for these items, and writing a series of essays aimed at telling the Pi Beta Phi to Arrowmont story. When he is not working, Steve makes every effort to enjoy the scenic wonders of his adopted region. He is also an avid Civil War reenactor who regularly portrays a private soldier of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry.
Timothy A. Lepczyk, Digital Coordinator
Tim began work on the Arrowmont Project as a Student Digitization Assistant before becoming the Digital Coordinator. He now manages the digitization and production of the Arrowmont grant, as well as maintenance of the website. Tim received a B.A. in Japanese Studies and English from Hope College (2001), a M.A. in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2004), and a M.S. in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee (2006).
Melanie Feltner-Reichert, Metadata Librarian
Melanie manages the metadata and digitization for the project. Melanie's education includes a B.A. in English, M.A. in Biblical Studies, and M.S. in Information Sciences. She is an active member of the Commission for Women at the University of Tennessee, and acts as consultant in their planning and implementation of an organizational digital repository. Areas of professional interest include institutional repository development, open-access alternatives to traditional publishing, and promoting consistent metadata practices. Contact Melanie at
Anthony Smith, Coordinator, Digital Library Center
Anthony D. Smith is the Coordinator for the University of Tennessee's Digital LIbrary Center and Assistant Professor of Libraries. Smith has published articles on web usability, institutional repositories and has also written on the Ugandan exchange with UT Libraries. Other activities include a very dynamic role with the School of Information Science to help educate graduate students on the many contemporary issues in building digital libraries. Smith also has traveled to Uganda to assist Makerere University in the development of digitization services and digital collections. He holds an A.S. in Biochemistry, a B.A. in Anthropology, and an M.S. in Information Science.
Chip Hays, Student Digitization Assistant
Chip recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a M.S. in Information Sciences. He explored the procedures to develop 360 degree imaging, photography, and digitization of images, which he then compiled into a manual.
Genny Carter, previous Student Digitization Assistant
Genny Carter, Student Digitization Assistant, earned her M.S. in the School of Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee (2006). She joined the team in February 2005 and contributed to the project in a variety of ways:from web design to metadata creation to digitization of our diverse resources. Genny's enthusiasm and curiosity are boundless, and served us well on this project! She is now working for Volunteer Voices as the Digitization and Content Specialist for middle Tennessee.
 Bridger Dyson-Smith, Student Digitization Assistant
Bridger attended Emporia State University where he received a B.A. in History with an English minor. Currently he is attending the University of Tennessee working towards his M.S. in Information Science.
Kate E. Stepp, previous Student Digitization Assistant
& Digital Coordinator

Kate Stepp, started as a student digitization assistant then became the Digital Coordinator. She is now the Visual Resources Curator at Tulane University. Kate has an associate's degree in Graphic Design, a B.A. in Fine Art, and she received her M.S. in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee in 2005.
  Philip Young, previous Student Digitization Assistant
Philip Young, Student Digitization Assistant, is a student in the school of information sciences. Philip left the team recently to take another position, but he made significant contributions to the project. Among them are refinement of our TEI encoding guidelines and the transcription of a number of handwritten materials. Philip also delved into the decision-making processes of the project for an independent study. See his paper posted under the *subject heading lists and more* section. 
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