Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

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The proxy bookmarklet helps you access UT Libraries’ subscriptions from anywhere on the web without having to navigate through the UT Libraries’ web site.

UT Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet


Chrome: Drag the lock icon above to the Bookmarks Bar (Bar must be visible).

Firefox: Drag the lock icon above to the bookmarks toolbar.

Internet Explorer: Right-click the icon, and add to favorites.

iPad: Go to Settings > Safari, and select Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Bookmark any page, and add it to the Bookmarks Bar. Edit the bookmark by giving it whatever name you desire and pasting the following code in the url:


Safari: Drag the icon to the bookmarks toolbar.


Create a bookmark with this code as the url:


It will seem like it does nothing when used on-campus.
You may want to visit this page of Proxy Bookmarklet Instructions for instructions for popular web browsers.

For more information on remote access, visit:

Please contact Peter Fernandez if you have problems.

Keeping the Proxy Session Active

  • The proxy server is working if you see "" included in the site URL.
  • As long as you navigate through links on the library pages, and by using your back button, the proxy session will remain active.
  • If you navigate away from the session (by using a non-proxied bookmark or by typing a URL in the address box), the proxy session will break.
  • Use the bookmarklet to restore the session.


In order to grant access, the UT system needs to verify that you are associated with the University of Tennessee, which is achieved by going through a "proxy" server. Keep in mind that this sometimes happens automatically, such as when you navigate to an article through the databases menu on the library's website. Even so, you may be prompted for your NetID and password.

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