Off-campus access: creating proxy links

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  • Click here to launch the link generator tool. Use this tool to generate a link that is accessible to anyone with a valid UT NetID and password.
  • You can use this for yourself, or when creating a link to share (for instance, a link to an article within blackboard).

Caveats for the Link Generator Tool:

  • “Proxied” links created using the Link Generator Tool will work from both on and off campus. However, please note that:
    1. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order for this tool to work.
    2. The link must be a “persistent” link. This means that the link is not generated with a session identifier.  When in doubt try it, but test the link a day later to be sure it still works.


When proxy links are created, the syntax of the URL is changed so that information can be accessed from off-campus; for example, you can give students access to an article within your Blackboard site.

If “” is added before a link address, a URL such as

will become

and will be accessible to anyone with a valid NetID and password.

Click here to launch the link generator tool.

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