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*Note: Please submit a new reserve request list each semester.*
Questions? Contact David Ownby at 865.974.0356.

Pendergrass Course Reserves

Reserve Policy

The Pendergrass Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine Library provides course reserve services so that classes of students can share access to required and supplementary materials. Please place your requests as early as possible to allow sufficient time for processing. Reserve lists will be accepted at any time, but those received in advance will assure the best service for students and the most convenience for faculty.

Online Items: Online items are no longer available for the course reserve collection.  See our General Announcement for more information or contact David Ownby with questions about former online reserve materials.

Submit your requests using the request form above. For each title requested, provide all items of information listed above.

Please note course packs are not eligible for reserve.

Check the Catalog to identify books that are already in the Libraries’ collections, either at Pendergrass or another campus library.

If the library does not own the book you want to reserve, we will attempt to purchase it for the collection. Please provide the titles of these books as soon as you identify them, and submit this list separately. It is never too early to request books that must be purchased.

If the Library cannot purchase a copy of a Reserve item you need, you may provide a personal copy. The Library assumes no responsibility for these materials other than routine care and service. You may donate personal copies to the Library for addition to the collection. Gifts to the Libraries are eligible for charitable tax deductions.

Journal articles:
If you have a copy of a journal article, you may submit it with your list. If you need help providing digital access to articles owned by the library, please contact us for assistance.

Audiovisual materials:
The Library provides Reserve for slides, videos, and audio materials. Digital Media Services can digitize these materials for online access. CD-ROMs may also be designated for Reserve. Certain CD-ROMs can be checked out for students’ individual use. Alternatively, databases can be mounted on a library computer for shared access.

Updated August, 2014.

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